Something happened at the 8/11/09 meeting that throw into question the entire legitimacy of the South of Jefferson Block Club

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 Summary of the 8/11/09 & 7/14/09 South of Jefferson Block Club Meetings
At the 7/14/09 South of Jefferson Block Club Meeting, the previously proposed South of Jefferson Block Club Bylaws were:
*        Updated in general accordance with concerns stated at the 6/9/09 Block Club meeting and presented in writing
*        Claude Cornett proposed one amendment to the proposed revised bylaws:
Roberts Rules of Order will be used to resolve procedural issues, unless specific alternative procedures are approved as part of the bylaws.
*        This amendment was approved, and the amended block club bylaws were then approved
Here are some things that happened at the 8/11/09 meeting that throw into question the entire legitimacy of the South of Jefferson Block Club.
The bylaws provided by Michael DeNicola, who chaired both South of Jefferson Block Club meetings, read:
Any organizational procedure disputes will be decided upon according to Robert’s Rules of orders. In the event that Robert’s Rules contradict these by-laws, Roberts Rules will take precedent unless otherwise decided upon by the block club.
The group will hear new business prior to voting. Any issue seeking block club support will be heard in one meeting and voted upon at the following meeting. Any other business, new or old, that does not require a letter of support, should be voted at the time of motion to vote.
In addition, Mr. Cornett’s proposal that was seconded at the 7/14/09 concerning recreational facilities was not on the agenda for the 8/11/09 South of Jefferson Block Club meeting. The proposal that Mr. Cornett presented on 7/14/09 for a vote at the 8/11/09 meeting read:
We residents of the South of Jefferson neighborhood strongly urge the Tremont West Development Corporation, CHMA, the City of Cleveland, the developers of  the Towpath Trail project, residents, and other stakeholders to cooperate and arrange for adequate, permanent recreational facilities and services in our immediate neighborhood to help serve the needs of our expanding population.  We also request that the Tremont West Development Corporation actively help facilitate the necessary actions and publish monthly reports in Inside Tremont summarizing associated progress, plans, problems, and recommendations.
And Mr. Cornett was unable to put it on the agenda.
Apparently, Mr. DeNicola’s change in the bylaws from the version approved at the July meeting enables him to break anything in Roberts Rules of Order at will (or so he thinks) and to continue to prevent items from being put on the agenda and block any vote on matters that he does not approve of.
Also, during the 8/11/09 meeting:
*        CSU researchers asked participants many questions about Tremont Pointe and its relationship to the surrounding community. The lack of recreational facilities and its impacts were often brought up.
*        Despite considerable effort, Mr. DeNicola was unable to convince Thurman residents to accept the proposed Café Istanbul.
*        Amy Kern (Sp) was elected as the Block Club co-chair.
*        The next Block Club Meeting was scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday 9/8/09 at Post 58, preceded by a 6pm meeting on traffic concerns.
Claude Lawrence Cornett, Jr.
Robert Pinkerton,
Melissa Kirk,
Carol Kirk,
Jennifer Kirk
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