Suggestion for use of raw sewage in Medmart proposal - innovative

Submitted by Tim Russo on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 08:17.

(cross posted at my blog)  Just when you think Cleveland can’t caricature itself any further, a shocker!  Filthy rich developer already obscenely engorged with taxpayer riches going back decades, largely because of closed, opaque non-transparent back room deal making, finally loses a back room deal.  And NOW they want transparency.

I think we should collect as much raw human sewage as we can, carry it downtown in buckets bought at the Walmart at Steelyard Commons, and spread it all over the offices of every elected official and Cleveland robber baron within half a mile of Public Square.  Pour the sewage over Tim Hagan’s head, rub it into Frank Jackson’s beard, give Sam Miller a bath in it, shine Fred Nance’s bald head with it, spread the sewage across every inch of City Hall, and then for the coup de grace, urinate on it. 

That’s what I think of you people.  You are almost too pathetic to mock anymore.  

UPDATE - I've emailed this post to the public relations people at Forest City.  Here's their email addresses - let's give them some relations with the actual public.

Business Media/Financial Media:
Jeff Linton, Vice President, Corporate Communication
Phone: 216-416-3558
E-mail: jefflinton [at] forestcity [dot] net

Trade Media:
Nancy McCann, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations
Phone: 216-416-3004
E-Mail: nancymccann [at] forestcity [dot] net

Investor Relations:
Tom Kmiecik, Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 216-416-3215
E-Mail: tomkmiecik [at] forestcity [dot] net


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  I really wish we could pull this off.  If we were the French, I could see it happening...I mean the merde idea :)