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As my sister-in-law and I made our way through Thurman Alley today passing out flyers for the OSS meeting, we encountered a number of residents either on their porches, walking up and down the sidewalk and/or exchanging conversation over fences. 

What seemed to be the topic of discussion was the newly proposed Istanbul Restaurant being pushed by Sammy Catania.  The selected location for this establishment is not only in a residential district but in a regular house and is owned by a LLC with several properties throughout Cleveland.  A number of the alley denizens  stated that at the on site meeting in July, Sammy informed them that he was wearing the eyes and ears of Councilman joe Cimperman and this area was going to be rezoned as commercial and they might as well accept it.

Being that Thurman Alley is barely more than a wagon trail (and rides about the same) just the added traffic alone would clearly adversly affect the daily lives of the resident families living in the narrow and densely populated passageway.

Many of those in close proximity and directly adjacent to the chosen restaurant/cafe/property location, (where the owner openly admitted that he would be asking for a permit to sell alcoholic beverages) which has been unmaintained and unkept  since his acquisition of the property more than a year ago, have vehemently opposed any type of business being permitted to open in their back door. 

What I found most interesting was the point of conversation being led to a demand for Sammy Catania being terminated from his position at TWDC.  It was the consesus that due to the recent outburst and attack on Larry Cornett as well as the  alleged misconduct (language used) in speaking to some of the children that Mr. Catania did not have the professional character to hold his salary paid position. 

Many of these irate long-time residents do not have the faith that Tremont West Development Corp. will handle the behaviour of their Development Director/Project Manager appropriately since there seems to be a "you wash my back and I'll wash yours" attitude among the inside leadership of the organization.

As we neared the end of Alley, a young man in his twenties was standing by the fence and in a no tolerence tone stated that, "this man has no respect," (Catania).  "The people at Tremont West treat us like we're nobodys and that's got to stop.  They've moved in and lived here a couple of years and act like the people that have lived here all their lives are stupid."

One gentleman crossing the street with several grandchildren and great grand children close on his heels said I've walked this alley for eighty-two years and I intend to walk it some more. 






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jerleen its the tremont mafia stealing the street signs

jerleen its the tremont mafia stealing the street signs

yogi and guy

Are the signs aluminum?

 Price is down, but so are many of us. 

Jeff,The possibility of


The possibility of them being aluminum - could be, but I can say although not having any proof,  I am reasonably convinced of what happened to the signs.  Councilman Cimperman has been made aware of the disappearances and will be getting back to us with an update. 

I am sure that eventually the point will get across that the new and replacement signs in this area are a fact of life and residents, parkers and yes, commercial patrons will get the gist. 

What we really need now is the cooperation of the Second District Cleveland Police Department to enforce the no parking and time-limited spaces.  One of the problems is that the business owners are complaining that these proper and necessary signs, needed to not only regulate parking but to make the streets, intersections and cross walks safer, take up parking spaces - well, I guess it's time they step up the process in finding alternative parking for the commercial district.  There is plenty of parking facility possibilities - the business community just needs to get on board and acquire, lease, pave and stripe - pay for proper security if need be to maintain enough parking to serve their patrons and give some much needed relief to the residents on the residential streets.

Just because it's a business district doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of pedestrians walking, especially children and elderly people.  With these signs not in place, motorists park and block the visibility of motorists and pedestrians creating a most dangerous situation of somebody being hit or run down because somebody couldn't see. 

When this happens and somebody or somebody's child loses their life or is seriously injured who is going to be responsible?  The pedestrian,  the motorists, the individual who parked too close to the corner, the business owners, the Police Dept.  the City of Cleveland or the public at large for allowing it to happen?  Regardless, it won't matter when they're shoveling dirt on top of somebody's baby, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister.  It'll just be too late.

When I built a restaurant in New Orleans

I haven't developed any restaurant properties in Cleveland, but when I renovated an old mansion cum flop house on St. Charles Avenue, in New Orleans, into a restaurant, I was required to provide some number of parking spaces per square foot of restaurant space. I would have loved to offer a big green yard, landscaping and patio to the restaurant, instead, but laws are laws. I was required to provide 10 spaces on site (or contract off site), and that was reasonable and good for the operations of the restaurant (for the convenience and safety of customers and the neighborhood). I was also required to meet the needs of the handicapped, and fire safety, which also makes sense.

Why don't things work exactly the same way in Tremont? Does government there even care about handicapped and fire safety? I don't think so, as I find the sidewalks around Fahrenheit so full of patios and crap as to be often unpassable for highly mobile people.

Perhaps all good for the upwardly mobile?!?!

I'm sure the theft of these signs is a felony, and a crime that could be easily solved if the government wanted to solve it... espewscially as there seems to be more video surveillance in Trtemont than anyone ever imagined.

The "community leadership" seems instead to be enabling a lawless and unsafe environment for all, to benefit a few luxury car, restaurant and commercial property owners, which is just wrong and foolish!

Disrupt IT

Guy, you just might be

Guy, you just might be right. 

One important detail I left

One important detail I left out with regard to the Istanbul Cafe is that on Tuesday, Councilman Joe Cimperman, Larry Cornett, Henry Senyak and myself met at IHOP and discussed the matter at length and the Councilman stated if the people in Thurman Alley didn't want it, it wasn't going to happen.  That if the powers that be did manage to get this before the Board of Zoning Appeals, he would oppose it. 

It was in the voices and written on the faces of everyone I spoke to in the Alley yesterday that they are desperately clinging to the hope and promise that Councilman Joe Cimperman would come through for them this time - and in all reality, they are due for a win. 



Beautiful reporting... puts the PD to shame

This well written and informative story is more valuable, important and impactful than an entire week of Plain Dealers and Cleveland.Coms combined.

This is the future of journalism.

Show your respect, Plain Dealer, or perish!

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come through Joe

Joe, please come through for these folks, someone has to. 


Plain Press--new tact

I am glad that Jeff reposted this to the top Jerleen--when you get a chance, please elaborate on the status of affairs at the Plain Press

Was Chuck strong-armed to take articles from CSU Urban Studies students?  It seems that they are putting in Ohio City Argus type material--fluffery.  There is an article in this month's Plain Press on Steve's Hot Dogs by Brian Mitchell (this might be my cousin).  It's well-written and I like it, but I would like some explanation for all of the young blood and articles suddenly showing up. 

I called Chuck because I found the article written by two women on West 25th and extolling Abe Bruckman's involvement just a bit nauseating....Is Bruckman still "teaching" at CSU?