Zakee A Rashid - Matters of Opinion: "Why are we spending 10 billion dollars a year to stop people from smoking weed?"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 11/20/2010 - 13:42.

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I was pleased to see posted on East Cleveland's core home-town social network, Shaw High Online, an excellent opinion editorial - Matters Of Opinion: Vol 7 Decriminalize Marijuana - by Zakee A Rashid. The tagline reads: "Why are we spending 10 billion dollars a year to stop people from smoking weed?"

Rashid goes on to reference a wide range of facts about the economics and injustice of the prosecution of citizens for marijuana that all Americans must take into account. In Ohio, recent polls indicate 73% of voters support legalization of medical marijuana "MMJ", showing opposition to legalizing MMJ (now legal in 15 states, including McCain's Arizona) is a losing political ticket. Making President Obama a major loser... especially as the harm caused by unjust marijuana prosecution in America predominantly harms African Americans, who rallied to elect Obama president.

Unfortunately for Obama, he prefers pharmaceutical drug and booze interests to holistic natural remedies in addressing the serious problems brought upon citizens by misguided industry and government in America.

He shall learn the hard way citizens expect change... but at least Obama will be able to smoke a joint in 2013 to get over his depression about losing the White House for the Democrats, when the smoke clears, and and he is no longer President, and cannabis is at the core of $1 trillion industry in America and worldwide, really taking off after passage of a national hemp farm bill in 2011 and national legalization of MMJ in America as Obama is defeated in 2012.

My comment on Zakee Rashid's video posting, at Shaw High Online:

This continues to plague American communities and Americans because President Obama wishes it to be so. Contact him and complain. I expect his state-of-denial on this issue will do him in... and put Boehner in the White House, for supporting legalizing hemp and marijuana AGAINST OBAMA'S POSITION - and thus Republicans getting credit for the 1,000,000s of jobs and $ billions of wealth created in America by legalizing and commercializing cannabis economics (not to mention saving nearly 1,000,000 largely African American families from the hardship of this unjust racist persecution).

Foolish situation for Democrats, once again.

I'd write Obama and tell him to get off the Prozac and on MMJ.

BTW - this is the best researched and most thoughtful op/ed on legalizing Marijuana I've seen - excellent work!

nice piece

what can one do to support this cause locally?