Swine Flu Swindle?

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 18:54.

Max Eternity - Remember Monkey Pox and Avian Bird Flu?  And what was the name of that flesh eating bacteria that was supposed to sweep the nation a few years back.  Oh yea I remember now--Ebola...remember that one?

It's all too bizarre.  And where do all these so-called diseases come from anyway?  But never mind that, because I've got an even better question to ask you. 

Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld has amassed stock in Tamilflu?  What's Tamilflu you ask?  Why, it's the vaccination for Swine Flu, the newest killer on the block that's just as scary and terrifying as all the other pandemics that haven't killed us yet.

I don't deny that disease exist, but could some of this simply be the renaming of existing conditions so as to sell more drugs?  I've had the flu several times in the course of my life, so I definitely know it's really.  Yet of all these "designer" diseases, could some of this simply be elaborate marketing ploys serving the interest of big business [pharmaceutical companies] and corrupt elements that are deeply embedded within the federal government structure?  Remember our friends, the lobbyist?

Hello, who profits from all this disease?  Oh well, never mind.  How cynical of me. 

A guy like Donald Rumsfeld, how could any one ever suspect him, of all people, of conspiring to defraud the public.  I mean, just because Rumsfeld was at the helm of a bogus war that looted untold trillions from Iraq, while also killing hundreds of thousands (if not millions?) and just because he held a former job as CEO of Searle, as in Aspartame (the toxic artificial sweetener that's banned and labeled as a neurotoxin in many European countries) doesn't mean he's prone to a life of corruption and crime.  Does it?

Call me crazy, but could it be that Swine Flu is just another elaborate corporate swindle by the medical-industrialist complex? 

Is this a situation where certain connected events, actually merit "further scrutiny?"


 Eternity, it does make one wonder. We are "due". or so we are told. It is interesting that this H1N1 comes right after this : http://www.nowpublic.com/environment/avian-flu-virus-sent-18-countries-vaccines-mistake


When the poison and the cure is in the same hands

True that. 

Here it is that yet another mis-fortunate coincidence turns out benefiting the corrupt elite.  While the public is told by default, via mainstream press' investigative ommisions...keep moving, keep moving--there's nothing to see here.

Yet bottom line is, this scenario fails the proverbial "smell test."  So, this definitely falls into the category of things that make you go, hmm.


just a fyi

 max, please accept my apologizes for correcting you: ebola is hemorrhagic fever.

the skin infection is mrsa, and it is to be feared. of course, if soaps, lotions, and other skin care products were not laden with anti bacterial stuff to make us feel so "clean" maybe this would not be happening.

tamiflu is not a vaccine but rather a treatment for the flu and had also soon to reduce the transmission/severity of the flu. big money maker. is it effective against H1N1? we will see. big pharmacy is betting on it. 


In spite of certain details, the net effect remains


I am not above reproach--claiming not perfection.  Still, whatever the specific technical details of each "disease" or condition, the net effect is still the same.  It's a message of panic and fear-inducing, psychological terror that can be simplified as buy our drugs or die!  This being the exact same message as that of Mr. Rumesfeld's former [mob] boss Bush, who told us blow up Iraq or die!

I think this phenomena falls right in line with what Naomi Klein refers to in her her book, "The Shock Doctrine", as a type of disaster capitalism."

Under the gun, it's a veiled threat, which is driven solely by profit, all the while masquerading as a preventive panacea--preservation and compassion.

somewhat reminiscent

 people were advised to stock up on duct tape and plastic to shield themselves from chemical attacks the winter following 9-11. planting the seeds to invade a country "with stockpiles of chemical weapons".

I work in healthcare. We had a box of masks and 1/2 gallon of antibacterial hand cleanser delivered to prepare staff for the coming swine flu. Notice how we went from swine flu to H1N1 now back to swine flu on the mainstream media. what are we being prepped for now?

Browbeat with fear and paranoia


Oh my God, please no...don't remind me of that ridiculous duck tape story.   It would be funny were it not such a ridiculous sham.

Thanks Hier Bush!

Still, seriously though dwebb, thanks again for your insightful experience and observation(s) on government corruption in the public discourse.  But for me, simply coming from a layman's perspective, why does it seem that our mainstream media is always such so willing to participate in browbeating the public with mixed-messages of paranoia and fear; never questioning the possibility that we're all being had?

If you follow the money trail, besides Donald Rumesfeld, who else is getting rich off this.

God bless people like Naomi Wolf and Naomi Klein, but isn't it kinda (sadly so) telling that many truth tellers are from Canada, not from the United States; like Klein and another potent truth teller, Stephen Colbert?


god forbid we analyze the real cause

 of runaway bacteria and virus.

and please remember this is a copy of what is happening with the health care legislation - well placed lies and a news media set to perpetuate them. And we are to place our minds and bodies in their hands?

i slice through my finger at work while cutting mat board. i just wanted to go home, wrap it tight and lie down on the couch. the doctor insisted i go to a worker's comp facility (i worked at a nursing home) where they further mutilated my finger and "fixed" it - stitches through my finger nail...

then came the "when was the last time you had a tetanus shot" questions. i stupidly answered truthfully - i have no idea. OH - i HAD to have one, even though i kept saying i didn't want one (my studio was meticulously clean and the blade was new)... i was sitting on the table dull and fuzzy from the pain of my finger being mutilated waiting for "the shot" to arrive (i shudder at the idea of anything being introduced into my veins - i'd make a lousy iv drug user) when i heard the most beautiful tinkling "poof"! it was their last dose of tetanus vaccine that fell from the nurses tray and shattered on the floor in the hallway (how the hell a worker's comp facillity could have only one dose of tetanus on their shelf is beyond me, but what does THAT tell you?). 

i promised i would return two days later for my shot... ya right... my couch never felt so good.


A perfect example

When it comes to healthcare in America, often times it seems truth is stranger than fiction.  lmcshane, the story that you tell is supplies a perfect example.

Two words that come to mind when I think of this nation: 

  1. Overmedicated
  2. Undereducated


well placed lies and a news media set to perpetuate them

our med/pharm industry... makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing they have your "best interests" at heart....?

that was me, not mcshane, eternity, i'm the non-compliant one. my grandfather never trusted the medical industry and i guess he must have passed it in his genes. but the thing is, if we just read and look into it, even just a little bit, we find a disturbing irrationality that can not be ignored.

my undergrad was in psychology and my favorite classes were in neurophysiology. i was shocked at how little they knew of how the brain functioned and then surprised (awed?) to watch the industry pitch their meds - as though they knew eXActly what they were doing.

when my kids were teens two of them had acne. they took accutane (?) one and then the other. it was HorrIBLE. their personalities were altered while on that drug. And then news started breaking out how chidlren were becoming violent and suicidal while taking it. You would think that would have come out when they purportedly researched it? that continues to happen with one drug after another, particularly with children and teens. i'd rather my child suffer the symptoms than expose them as guinea pigs to these soul-less bastards. or are they just plain stupid? or both?

i'm taking a course in ethics this semester that explores the formation of morality. maybe i can answer that question later. i just don't understand how people can be so obedient to greed.

We need to ask more questions


An ounce of prevention...or so they say.  And even though I addressed lmcshane when I intended to to address you, dwebb, my observation is still the same.  We live in a nation that is overmedicated an undereducated.

We are taught [largely via the MSM] that to question what we have been "officially" told amounts to being mentally unstable (unreasonably paranoid) and suspect for heresy--displaying unpatriortic behavior.  In other words, the message from Big Pharma, the FDA et all is...don't question us, trust us! 

This has become the American way.  Obey or die.

But all the blame cannot be passed of on corrupt, elitist elements.  We must all hold ourselves accountable, for whatever role we play.  For true and lasting change does not come from on high, trickling down.  It starts at the grassroots, and trickles its way up.

Asking questions is a good thing.


asking questions

you are right that not all of the blame can be placed in the elitist elements but most of it can. people do need to ask questions and look into their options, and not walk into their health care providers office with an ad found in a magazine from a large pharmaceutical company asking for this drug or that test. ask lots of questions. consents for treatment or procedures can and should be amended by patients, not swallowed wholesale. other than life and death, or immediate harm to one's self, there is not any reason why not to research and question providers. got a leaky heart valve? ask which one and then find your self some good reading material. don't just get scheduled for a procedure, educate yourself.

health care is big business. people place themselves into the hands of strangers and call it "trust". act like a consumer. I was asked my an doctor if I did not trust her to put me to sleep (I stayed awake). My response was trust is developed. I have known you for 10 minutes. You need to honor my wishes. End of story.

If a provider can not work with me, I will go elsewhere, it is business after all.

The swine flu vaccine is going to be tested first on children in the next month. Parents will be prepped for this by news media talking about how deadly the swine flu is to children. Maybe it is. Do we "trust" enough to place our kids lives in these hands?

I think that you meant

 I think that you meant your response to be to dbra. We are frequently confused but there isn't anyone else that I rather be confused with.


obey AND die....


nice points you two...

dbra, fyi, a tetanus shot is

dbra, fyi, a tetanus shot is given in the muscle, not in a vein. 

oh - so

 oh - so it doesn't enter your blood stream then?

what EVer 14.... if you don't get my point and you have to stoop to such trivial nitpicking - whATever....

btw - its thIs kind of nasty small mindedness that makes this board appear trivial - just the type of behavior you purportedly disavow.

dbra, My post wasn't meant


My post wasn't meant to nitpick and it wasn't meant to be nasty, its only purpose was to tell you something that it appeared that you didn't know.  You said you didn't like anything going into your veins and I wanted to let you know that a tetanus shot is not given into a vein but in a muscle.  I am sorry if you misunderstood my reply.  I probably did miss your point.  What exactly is it that you wanted to communicate.  Sometimes the message gets lost in the words when communicating by writing as there is no facial expressions and no body language to help decipher the meaning of the words. 

I didn't mean to offend you and I am sorry if I did.



Fabulous Diplomacy


Your comment is an excellent display of diplomacy...clear, sincere and honest.



 absolutely speechless

Big pharmacy

  Eternity and DWebb--thank you for the sanity on this medical scare. 





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