TAKE A WALK! Walking Groups can Rebuild a Sense of Community Locally.... While Improving Your Health

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 Will You Join A Walking Group NOW???

I am encouraged to hear about communities starting to invite people out to "walk for health" purposes in the inner city. The sad part is that countless people who really need to walk to save their lives are lethargically disengaged and fail to participate because of deeply rooted emotional issues including poor self esteem. I am saddened by this because I know some really wonderful people who really need to get off their rears and walk simply to improve their lives and they utterly refuse. Moreover, I know the wonderful benefits of walking that include feeling good at the end of a good walk.

Locally; we have some truly isolated people who live alone, who fear "getting involved" in anything, and who live with depression that is silently eating at them and killing them with diseases like diabetes. The medical industry is making a killing off of these people. Dr. Oz's public television teachings also bring encouragement and empowerment to an entire population of folks who wouldn't know any better about medical conditions as they rarely question the authority and knowledge of their doctors. 

I wish the best for all of my friends and the people who struggle with diseases like "diabetes". It's an ugly disease. Our diets have changed over the last few generations to include LESS veggies and MORE sugar at countless levels.  It is said that managing the disease of diabetes is like managing a crack addiction.

As kids, we were blessed with the freedom to run up and down our streets innocently playing all day while our stay at home moms all kept watch and sipped coffee on rotation on each other's porches. Today; to be a stay at home mom is a priceless option. Inflation has raised the costs of living far beyond the average income of one person's affordability in our community.

Through the years that sense of "community" has dissipated locally. Corruption has inhibited folks from participating in "anything". As progress occurs in recovering from years of damaging "community development practices"; I hope that these "NEW" community walking groups inspire countless people who are hermitted in their homes to finally come out and share some good times with the planned walking groups. It provides safety, security, and a sense of community that is well needed locally.

One step at a time our citizens can take back their lives and community! I know it's hard to get started... If you are overweight walking can rub your thighes raw. After the first couple times of walking (if you haven't walked in awhile)-your legs feel tight and achy from your muscles being worked out. Sometimes, feeling like everyone is staring and pointing fingers at you if you are overweight can be a huge deterrant. Yet, overcoming these things can be freeing. I got motivated to walk a couple years ago and I truly wouldn't go back to always using my car for every trip to the corner store. Taking a thirty minute walk can circulate your blood, oxygenate your body, and release natural chemicals in your brain that improve your mood. After six months of walking; I lost 30 pounds and several pants sizes. While winter weight has returned; I am excited to return to parks for a nice walk...

I highly suggest taking a moment to stop the fast paced world around you and enjoy a good walk! Ask others to join you and maybe enjoy a walk down at the lake or around the block... Walking is good for us... Hope to see you on the paths! All the best! 

May God Bless! 


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CMSD students that have to walk approx 3 miles to school in snow

I am glad to hear that Gordon gets a shot at the CMSD CEO position. His work ethic, dedication, and awareness of the plans are obvious.


HOWEVER: Gordon should take time to "WALK" to clear his thoughts about the ideas of health and nutrition for our children.

Today's kids are being pushed so hard to excel at CMSD Schools with teachers teaching to the tests, stopping kids from attending arts classes to be trained on academics, and even more trivial...losing time on the playground for all these Ohio Acheivement Tests....

In actuality; I think that the CMSD should worry more about putting healthy nutritional foods in our schools, taking away sugar milks (Strawberry and chocolate), and inspiring kids to achieve on their own terms. It's TIME FOR CHANGE in the CMSD on the basic levels...I appreciate that they are "introducing veggies in baggies to our kids"....but recognizing how HEALTH starts at home and leading by example include taking a healthy walk, Mr. Gordon.... I admire you alot...but step up and join the "WALKING SCHOOLBUSES" city wide and join our motivated families that do walk their kids to school daily! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"