Thank you Councilman BRIAN CUMMINS....

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...for the crown jewel of Brooklyn Centre. It was his vision long ago that made our gorgeous state of the art park possible. Though others will try to claim credit, including the current "representative", whose ONLY contribution was to try to take out the 75 year old majestic oaks in the middle of the night when no one was looking. Luckily he failed. So here are some photos that do not begin to do it justice. Finally Brooklyn Centre has a reason to be proud. OUR very own restored W.C. Reed Field. Thank you Councilman Cummins. 

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The walking path is the best

The walking path is the best

WC Reed Field aka Denison Park

Is beautiful and it was saved by residents. Thank you for the recent photos.   WC Reed Field is probably the most scenic neighborhood park in the City of Cleveland (Kerruish is nice, too).  When I first moved to the neighborhood, I discovered the park and Riverside Cemetery.  I took my nephews to the park to play soccer, frisbee and to fly kites-- and it was the only nearby place to walk their dog.  In 2009, before any plans were made for Denison Park, I created a Ning site, just to share some of the photos of the park.  It's still up along with the site that Sandy Rozhon created to celebrate our neighborhood history.  Sandy died last year.  She was a life-long parishioner at St. Barbara Church.  We are lucky that she preserved memories and photos of our beautiful neighborhood.  I'll keep these sites up as long as I can...