Thank you Veterans

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I know a number of US service veterans and, I am learning, their service often has lasting impacts - impacts which were not anticipated or realized  at the time of their service.    These delayed impacts on the physically surviving service members are a critical reason for avoiding future conflicts...

Depression:    Looking at friends and relatives and acquantances who have been involved in armed conflict and killing I recognize many are withdrawn into a shell of depression and loneliness - Bill D (refuses to seek ptsd diagnosis), Rich G (100% certified ptsd), and Realneo's Guy Black among them. 

Withdrawal from socializing:  Unable to get up the necessary energy and joy de vive to get out of the house...this is like joining hands with depression...

Loneliness: And who are your going to have a domestic relationship with if you are so bummed out!?  Not, likely, another human...though all my veteran acquantances and friends and relatives are kind and empathetic - caring very much about their animal - canine and feline, and fish tank partners.    Or, feeling so guilty that you adopt children from the same county you killed them in - true for one of my vet friends. 

The lession I have learned is that combat and experiencing killing is to be rigorously avoided.  Our present commander in chief avoided service because of his bone spurs.  Maybe he recognizes that combat is to be rigorously avoided...

A somber "thank you" to all service veterans.

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Tears -Veteran's Day 2017

Guy Templeton Black was a true American hero.  I am so glad that he lives on here at REALNEO :)