Things Are Getting Ready To Go Down - Ebola Martial Law & The "Camps"? (NOT IN TREMONT-SAMMY CORY JOE LYNN ETC. WILL SAFE US !!!

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All News PipeLine friend Tom Lupshu has put together a must-see video, showing hospital planning papers that were smuggled out to him, adding it together with previous warnings we have heard from multiple sources about something huge coming to the US, deliberately organized and implemented, in order to usher in the economic collapse, martial law and eventually when people can no longer feed themselves, the "camps."

Consider the timing of the first case of imported Ebola, the different strains, the "inconsistent" monitoring by the CDC of the contacts of those that have become infected by Ebola, and most importantly, a fact that is not mentioned publicly by the CDC, WHO or any other health related agency, which is that five percent of people infected by Ebola, present systems AFTER the 21 days incubation period.

For me, a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine detailing the first nine months of the 2014 epidemic in West Africa raises concern about the short, often-mentioned 21 post-exposure-day periods in the guidelines. In the journal's study of 4,507 probable and confirmed cases, "approximately 95 percent of the case patients had symptom onset within 21 days of exposure." If we do the math, this means that approximately 5 percent or 225 of the Ebola cases in West Africa had symptoms 21 days after exposure, as reported by the patient or caregiver.

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa we have been told that the US is much better prepared to handle an outbreak, yet from the very first case, Thomas Duncan, things have been done that defy every protocol the nation was supposedly prepared to implement, from sending him home from the hospital with antibiotics after being informed of his travel history, to the CDC allowing a healthcare worker who reported symptoms, to get on a plane and travel, to a whole host of other "missteps" which leaves many with the uneasy feeling that this is all deliberate..... not mistakes.

Lupshu is not the only one seeing that Ebola fears are being used in order to justify either a medical lockdown or outright martial law as an email I received this morning clearly outlines that others see what is happening as well. Email below:

Dear Ms. Duclos,

This ebola thing is not what it seems. The AIDS thing was a greater threat, without the fanfare. Today the travel restrictions are about West Africa, this is really about limiting our freedom to travel around the United States as freely as we do. The Texas nurses are just the beginning, to protect us, the travel bans will begin between our big cities, it will not be Africans who will be limited in their travel, it will be Americans. Since Texans have the first documented cases, they will be limited first.

What happens when the outbreak spreads to half of the country? Panic, civil unrest, a crackdown using that unrest to justify martial law. Ebola will be blamed for collapsing our financial system, stores will be out of food and the starving masses will willingly go into "camps" to feed their family and be kept "safe."

What seemed like a "conspiracy" scenario just months ago.... is starting to look very real, very possible right now.



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