Time to utilize on-line technology for followup from the Sustainability Conf

Submitted by marccanter on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 16:19.

I was asked by several people to attend the recent Sustainability Conf in Cleveland, but alas I was not able to do that.

As I've been wading through the various cynical blog posts and coverage of the event - I was struck by a few things:

- the main web site for the Conference has no links in it - except to the City office on Sustainability

- none of the coverage from the PD has any links in it

- I can't find any notes, real-time blogging or serious (what I would call serious) coverage of the event

- though EVERYONE seems to LOVE Van Jones!

So I did a little research, tracked down the folks at GreenCityBlueLake and talked to someone named David Beach.

He told me that the folks at CWRU (David Cooperrider) were coalating all the notes and that they'd be 'doing something' with these notes in a couple of weeks.  Since I'll be teaching at Case, starting next week I think I'll go on over there and offer some help.

In particular Case has all sorts of on-line tech, courseware, wikis, etc. that can easily be tasked ot help facilitate nay followup discussions, community building or communicating that needs to happen.

This is one of my first encounters into the NEO scene = and it will be educational!

One thing is for sure - I now understand where 'Apreciate Inquiry' leaves off and 'Strategic Doing' picks up.  Thanks Ed!

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Welcome to REALNEO

  Good luck, Marc--this is not cynicism, just REALNEO. 

We roll up our sleeves everyday, work and go to bed tired, like every one else. http://REALNEO.us


Marc--please note that you turned to REALNEO, the only active use of open source technology available to everyone in NEO, because it's all we've got.  Norm Roulet deserves recognition for his prescience.

I am speaking on my own here, but I think that you need to work very hard to change the mindset at Case, CSU, the Cleveland Clinic, and in Cuyahoga County, if we are truly going to use technology to transform this region.  The players in NEO need to give Norm Roulet credit for really giving this region a shot at sustainability.  Please don't fall in with the wrong crowd here.  We need some REAL friends.

Well said, LMcShane

I absolutely concur.

Marc, thxs 4 update

Hello Marc,

Realneo is here for just the type of on-line record you seem to be suggesting should be kept.

Thanks for your observations.  And welcome aboard HMS NEO !#%#!