A Timely Read: Casino Impact on Midtown, Ed Morrison Oct 2006

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Sat, 09/27/2008 - 23:33.

An excellent report, "Casino Impact on Midtown" by Ed Morrison on the economic impact of a casino in the Midtown area.

Timely and relevant information to clearly understand the ramifications of Issue 6, which promotes a future downtown casino as a workfarce development and job creation effort by the City of Cleveland. Issue 6 has now been approved to be placed on the Nov ballot.

Read the full report "Casino Impact on Midtown" here.

Or, download the PDF from this page.

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Very good report by Ed on Casino issue

Nice to see some charts with data on the impacts of casinos on the surrounding commuinities. I have no doubt they are correct, and a casino in downtown Cleveland would harm the social fabric of a great city.

Assuming some people will gamble whether legal or not, lotto or dice, and lots of gambling is legal in Ohio, is there an economic model for a location in Ohio where a casino or many would make sense?? 

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I believe this is an

I believe this is an important report Ed has compiled. Most important, is that the material is immediately transferable to any County, Region, or State without exception.

Once again, we benefit from Ed's gift of storytelling to assemble the most important facts to consider in issues that others complicate to confuse citizens.

How will we use this together to focus on strengthening leadership for our children's future?

This is not complex, just disorganized. We are at a distinct disadvantage because we are not working together. The next steps are far more simple than citizens acknowledge.

"McCain and Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry"

If you think gambling is bad... and wondered how it has spread so far and wide so fast... that is because of John McCain, as told in today's NYTimes.... a hghlight:

For much of his adult life, Mr. McCain has gambled as often as once
a month, friends and associates said, traveling to Las Vegas for
weekend betting marathons. Former senior campaign officials said they
worried about Mr. McCain’s patronage of casinos, given the power he
wields over the industry. The officials, like others interviewed for
this article, spoke on condition of anonymity.

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Yes, I read this last

Yes, I read this last evening and Twittered:

"Reading NYTimes: detailed expose of McCain's love & long held ties to gambling industry. EconDev? No. Indian Poverty? Yes. http://is.gd/3egh"

An excellent article and expose. Simply put: an example of high level distraction, not focusing on what is important: strengthening networks, coaching people to move forward with their new ideas, and holding local  leadership accountable as public servants - servants to what the public envisions now as opportunity.