Tour the historic Hough Bakeries complex - Friday, June 1st Open House

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Hough Bakeries Pan

The next chance to check out the Inner Circle restaurant, explore the historic Hough Bakeries complex, participate in planning the surrounding neighborhood, and enjoy some great Hot Suace Williams BBQ is this Friday, June 1, 2007. - please join us... invite friends... spread the word!

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There will be periodic tours throughout the complex and a series of dialogs about what is happening with the Inner Circle, the Hough Bakeries complex, and the historic neighborhood surrounding that. Come any time after 11 AM - stay for lunch - come later and stay through Happy Hour.... then, pop a few blocks down Euclid to Future at the Cleveland Institute of Art for the opening of Design Values 2... live the circle life. See for other interesting things to do in the area that eventful Friday.

Lunch will be available from noon until 2 PM - perhaps later - all prepared by Hot Sauce Williams, which owns the Hough Bakeries property and has a commercial kitchen there. We'll have a buffet featuring a variety of Hot Sauce's BBQ, fried and side dishes, salad and baked goods - all freshly prepared by Cleveland's best urban restaurateur - there will be some variety for vegetarians. Please plan to contribute $7 to help pay for the cost of food and service, if you eat, if you may.

In the afternoon, there will be live entertainment, with a steal pan drum musician and Edwin David singing - and later DJing tropical sounds. We will be open until around 8 PM, and bar service will be available.


The Inner Circle Restaurant, at Hough Bakeries
1519 Lakeview Road One block north of Euclid - Parking Across Lakeview in Gated Lot
Cleveland, OH
United States
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