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A Message from Tremont West Board of Directors


   It is with great pride that the Tremont West Development Corporation's Board of Directors announces that Chris Garland, Executive Director, will be the new Commissioner of Neighborhood Development for the City of Cleveland.

   Chris' leadership has helped make Tremont West the effective community development corporation that it is today. While we are saddened by his departure, the Board is confident in the capacity of the organization and particularly its staff to continue the good work done by Tremont West that has helped make Tremont the premier neighborhood of the City of Cleveland.

   Over the next few months, the Board will undertake an orderly transition process that will include a national search for Tremont West's next Executive Director.  We remain committed to Tremont West's mission to maintain and improve the living, business, and cultural conditions for all of Tremont.


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Who will fill his shoes? 

Who will fill his shoes?  He's leaving after stating that he will follow through with getting the missing uninstalled cameras up and functioning in the Metro North Block Club area of Tremont. 

commissioner of neighborhood development

Jerleen, I have never heard of this position. Is this a newly created position, or is it a "renamed" position?


Currently there is a

Currently there is a Division of Neighborhood Development.  Daryl P. Rush, Esq., is the Director of Community Development, however, as far as a commissioner, this is most likely a title cooked up by Cimperman. 

A high-paying cushioney job for somebody who can't even manage to keep up with security cameras.

No doubt, Sammy will be in charge until they find somebody. 


Sammy in charge??!!

Partner in Crime where are you?  Charge up your video battery!

The future of Cleveland Neighborhood Development "Tremont Style"

So, does this mean that the "TREMONT" mentality that violated countless lifelong homeowners will now occur citywide? Intriguing choice.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"