Under the Bush-Obama reign, US loses "superpower" status

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:54.
Max Eternity - It has often been said that the revolution will not be televised, and in a move that is perhaps not so surprising, yet none the less shocking, the world's major oil producing nations have decided to dump the US dollar.  This comes just weeks after President Obama and The City of Chicago were rebuked in their attempts to secure the 2016 Olympics for the United States.  Yet, while the rest of the world continues to move on with its various independent adgendas, the US seems intent on staying in denial of its tremendous loss of power and influence on the world stage.  Still, with a bankrupt economy, no healthcare for its citizens, an increase in police state activities and other signs of domestic erosion, it is quite clear that the US imperialist empire has certainly declined as of late.

Robert Fisk of The Independent writes today @ The Huffington Post:

In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning - along with China, Russia, Japan and France - to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars.  Read more.


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We have been shitty superpowers.

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