unReal NEO Illegal Campaigning Signs Of The Day: Issue 6, in the Quadrangle, along with Tri-C and Issue 4

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 10/31/2009 - 22:58.

Illegal Issue 6 signs on freeway ramps in Cleveland

Driving through downtown Cleveland, today, I observed a large number of illegal Issue 6 campaign signs on public property in areas with very heavy commuter traffic - especially in the Quadrangle district photographed here, around the massive freeway intersection of Carnegie, E-14, and !-90, 77 snd 71. Issue 6 campaign planners clearly know these signs give 10,000s of commuter impressions a day, and they are exploiting that fact. They are also exploiting an apparent get-out-of-jail-free card for littering and illegal campaigning, in Cleveland, that suggests we don't need to pass Issue 3 to have complete lawlessness in town.

Sad to see that our leadership is smart enough to recognize this is a high traffic, high visibility location, yet it is so poorly planned, and ugly. Building a casino won't solve that problem... but it is due for a makeover by ODOT real soon... gotta take care of those commuters first, and foremost.

That is Issue 6, in a nutshell.

A great, ugly, Cleveland+Illegal Campaigning against Cleveland kind'a place...

It is disturbing to see there are illegal Cuyahoga Community College Issue 4 signs in the Quadrangle District, as well. Perhaps Tri-C is using the same unlawful campaign consultants and operations team as Issue 6 creators... ?

Bill Mason, are you out there?

Illegal Issue 4 campaign sign in Downtown Cleveland

I believe the Issue 4 and Issue 6 campaigns are cut of the same cloth. Issue 4 signs litter the Eastern Heights of Cleveland on a par with signs for Issue 6... and Tri-C has certainly built a suburban mission and footprint, serving primarily as vocational and corporate college for regional industry behind Issue 6.

As I reported yesterday, in "unReal NEO Illegal Campaigning Signs Of The Day: Issue 6, in the Heights, and by RTA", public property in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and the affluent suburbs further east are awash with illegal pro-Issue 6 campaign signs... in the public roadway medians, on RTA properties, and attached to public signs.

An interesting observation I made today, driving around the affluent suburbs of the West Side of Cleveland, is that support for Issue 6, and Issue 4, is highly localized and isolated to rich East Side suburbs, and areas "controlled" by their leaders - there are no Issue 4 and 6 political signs in the area around Westlake, for example, at all.

Please post comments on where you see illegal campaign signs on public property, for any cause, through election day.

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