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This is what the letter said and its heading:

"Time Out for Pessimism

There is a lot of work being done to update old city laws, which should be commended ["Open Season," May 11, 2011]. But the crux of the situation in Tremont is simply: If the bars and nightclub owners could not or would not obey the old laws, what makes anybody think that they will obey new laws?

Tremont Sounder"

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A very good question, don't you think?

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Excellent ?

I noticed that someone has posted a comment to Scene's story.  ;)


Perhaps Tremont's councilperson should quit focusing his attention on where people smoke, what they eat, and how to steal property from owners and start acting like he has some sense.

wishful thinking anyway.....

The following is another letter regarding Tremont posted at Scene:


Chased From Tremont

I lived in Tremont for 11 years because it was centralized and affordable ["Open Season," May 11, 2011]. But Tremont failed to steward me from hand-to-mouth renter into tax-paying property owner. The focus of Tremont leadership is aimed at businesses and transient visitors at the expense of residents.

I understand it is a destination neighborhood, and I applaud that the businesses are doing well. But I have rarely seen a destination neighborhood do such a poor job of ensuring its residents are taken care of. Even in Little Italy, there are designated resident parking spots.

When it became clear that this problem was worsening, I began to ask when resident parking was going to be made available. I did get responses, but they were vague and definitely a blow-off. So I started spending my dollars in neighborhoods that offered parking: Coventry, Cleveland Heights, and Lakewood, in part because friends finally decided that parking in Tremont was too much of a hassle. The end game was that I moved to Lakewood, and now I totally avoid Tremont. And I know I'm not the only disgruntled alum.

The message I received loud and clear for 11 years was that my choice to live in the neighborhood meant far less to those in charge than the choice of all the tourists who come in for one evening. So here is your proof that at least one person left the neighborhood because of parking.

I hope this gets sorted out, but to those still facing these challenges, you have my deepest sympathies. Until you turn a house into a bar, I doubt your voice will be heard.



What most people and especially those ruling the roost fail to get - is that there would be many more packin' up and hitin' the trail if they could afford it.  Long timers would be leaving a place where they have invested more than money.  They would have to give up family homes.

This is one of the facts that our high and mighty goverment/land grabbers continue to count on.  If they don't have the money or they just want to hold on to their life's work - they are forced out one way or another.



As a Tremont resident living near the proposed drunk parking lot, are you concerned the drunks will keep you up all night and ruin your peaceful neighborhood?

Maple trees sprouting up everywhere, along with the drunks, might wreak havoc on a disabled senior citizen.

Hopefully the security cameras will be a defense against the drunks.

Even though the up-date on

Even though the up-date on the camera snafu is that TWDC is looking for funding to get the costly equipment back in working order, they are still of no value. 

I am told that there are many challenges to overcome.  Such as interference from microwaves, garage openers and other wireless electronics that prevent any type of reliable transmission.   Apparently they did not think the project through - there was interference to begin with - anybody knowledgeable in the matter would have known this before buying/selling shody equipment.

Did anyone catch the quote by TWDC Executive Chris Garland wherein he stated that three of the cameras were functional but not yet installed - how in the crap does he know they are functioning if they have been sitting in somebody's corner for nearly four years?



microwaves, garage openers and wireless electronics

causing interference with the cameras?

Sounds like the camera geniuses need to keep up with modern technology, such as microwaves and garage doors.

Tremont funding

If the folks that donated the money for the fake cameras in the first place caught wind of your story, Jerleen, maybe they would think twice about donating any more money to TWDC.  Although Mittal would probably continue to donate money in their effort to buy the politicians off with their many donations they make to Cleveland officials to continue the trend of creating mutants.

I am very concerned, Lily

That is why I have been writing the emails documented in INNERBELT SAGA (and still more to be posted.)

My neurologist said he will write a letter attesting to the fact that having to bend/kneel down to pull up many seedlings will be bad for my health (plus I could easily slip and fall on their litter on the sidewalks,) but he doubts it will do any good. As it is, I pulled up six today in a two foot stretch. They get in my pots of roses. They grow where it is hard to reach in and pull them up. Multiplied by 85, I fear they will ruin my beautiful rose garden. Once they get a good start, I am not strong enough to pull them up.

I should think it would create a lot of mess for the street sweepers, and there are already mats of them on top of the sewer grates, so they will be filling up the sewers, but the city isn't objecting. As you will see, the urban forrester provided names of other trees that could be substituted but went no further than that.

When I get it posted, you will see that I asked if there would be security cameras at the parking lot and if so, who would monitor them, but got no reply. This was probably one of the details TWDC hasn't thought about.

ODOT thinks the mound of dirt and nice landscaping should be enough, I don't think so. We had homeless people living under the bridge where the parking lot will be, I was told that prostitutes worked the big trucks parked at the cold storage building, another neighbor said people were injecting themselves with drugs in the alley some years back. All these and more can be in the parking lot. I will have to hope the police drive by frequently.

Other than Parallax, the lot is too far away from eating and drinking establishments for customers or a valet service to want to park there. It would be useful for the overflow during the Greek Orthodox Church's festival, but that is about it. Why does it need to be so big? Originally there were two small ones on the other side. Why the change? Come to the meeting, please, and ask.

Brian Cummings: TWDC is getting this parking lot. I don't see that you are getting anything for your ward. Not very even handed.

I would be concerned too, Oldroser

As far as waiting for a comment from TWDC on the cameras, I don't think they have much to say about their fake and non-working cameras right now after Jerleen busted them. 

 Gotta love that Jerleen.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her!