image galleries for posting images we want to store on server for comments

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 04/30/2008 - 20:15.

It occurred to me that we might have an image gallery where we can post (via the attachment method) images. That way, if we had them on the server, even if they weren't promoted to the front page or even published on our blogs, they would have a url, and we could add them into comments. Currently it is my undertanding that we can't attach image files to comments. Would this be possible?

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google analytics

I once saw a map of the world that showed the traffic for a site with dots and clustes of dots on a map. It was a screen shot of a google analytics map. Could we get this so we and our readers could see our reader's locales?

Re: Google analytics

I use Google Analytics on a few other sites.

I'll look into what it would take to build into our drupal install.

I would love to see this bubble chart

I love stats and the stats in this version of Drupal are poor, and not "public", and the site is so large the stats take forever to load if they don't crash it first... I'd love to see better reporting of stats, like a bubble chart of from where our visitors access the site... look forward to your approach. Jeff.

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uploading images for comments

You can't directly attach an image to a comment, per-se, but you can upload an image, then embed it in a comment using an HTML img tag.

  1. Use create content > image (from the left-hand menu) to upload your image.
  2. When you're ready to use it, (find the image, and) copy the URL to which it's been uploaded -- by right-clicking the image and choosing "Copy Link Location".
  3. In your comment:
    • In Rich-text mode: use the image button and specify the URL.
    • In Plain-text mode: make a link tag by substituting that location for http://IMAGE_URL in the following:
      <img src="http://IMAGE_URL">

Here is a test of my instructions:

You can use images you've found elsewhere on the web in the same manner ~ don't upload, just use their URL in your image tag.

photo image gallery


Thanks! I tried out the image gallery for adding images for comments. Here's the step I had missed.

After your instructions above - image gallery, attach, wait for url to appear below attachment... then in the image gallery post, copy and paste the url into the post via the "insert image", submit and then find the image and copy paste the image url into the comment where you have chosen to place it. I managed to do it! This is progress... I am learning. Yeah!

Re: photo image gallery

Susan, I'm glad you've got the hang of it.

It seems like you've got an extra step in there, though: you should only have to copy/paste the URL once.

Once you upload the image and attach it, it's there ~ you don't need to insert it into the Image post -- that's why we see the image twice on frostville halloween: since the content type is already Image, the image is auto-displayed in the post. You only need to explicitly include it in your comment or blog post.

Furthermore, when selecting the image to upload from your computer, are you using the Image field, or the Attach new file field at the very bottom? (Both fields have a Browse button next to them.) Using the Image field might make things a touch more straightforward.

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