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clivia flower from the underside showing bud stems and bud wrapping paper image jeff buster

Here is a view of a clivia flower from the underside.   Usually the public view is from the top of the flower.

The diaphanous white-paper flower bud wrappers open to allow out the bright green bud stems and shocking orange pedals. 

There is much more to being a mom than what you usually see.  

Happy Mother's Day!




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The first poem from a book I recall memorizing in life was from a first grade school book from Charles H. Lake Elementary School in Mrs. Walker's first grade class...to this day, it remains a flagrant poem of life...


By Mary O’Neill

The colours live

Between black and white

In a land that we

Know best by sight.

But knowing best

Isn’t everything

For colours dance


And colours sing

And colours laugh

And colours cry

Turn off the light

And colours die,

And they make you feel

Every feeling there is

From the grumpiest grump

To the fizziest fizz.

And you and you and I

Know well

Each has a taste

And each has a smell

And each has a wonderful

Story to tell.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"