update on property development around treehouse

Submitted by tremontsoul on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 00:58.

To maintain the integrity of the streetscape as planned since 2002(rather then put a tar surfaced parking lot in the center of the main district) and  encourage neighborhood, city and local businesses involvement until a more feasible development can be  economically sustained, we're proposing the use of the property as an urban garden and sculpture garden. This would create a visually appealing sustainable green scape and positively enhance tremont, which does not include allowing the variance.

By allowing treehouse a variance unto our private property this will add to:

1. parking congestion
2. additional property damage/littering
3. take parking spaces away from the neighborhood
4. add to the noise and late night issues.
5. Will adversely affect our property value and render it useless
merely for the profit of the treehouse.
6. will disallow any positive future development of that property that
we as the owners choose to pursue in the future.

7. Continuance of Treehouse violating the cease and desist court order                                                                                                               

please see detailed info on my other blog 'property development around treehouse'

Would like to have some feedback from community and business.


eternal thanks & many cheers - tremontsoul

eternal thanks & many cheers - tremontsoul

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