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On April 8, 2009 Ed Morrison posted a report from China to Brewed Fresh Daily.
At the end of  the post Ed added a paragraph inviting any one interested in forming a Citizen’s Anti-Corruption Commission to add their name:
“In response to Frank Revy’s comment below, I add these thoughts:
For anyone interested in an anti-corruption effort in Cuyahoga County, add your voice here.
The next step will be to organize a Meet-up if enough people are interested.
A Citizen’s Commission would have to overcome at least three forces that operate in Cuyahoga County: apathy, fear and malevolence. “
I added my name but apparently Ed didn’t think that was enough because two days later Ed threw in the towel on the idea with the following paragraphs:
Update: 4/10/09:
It’s pretty clear this idea is going nowhere. My experience teaches me that you can get about 80% of your response in the first couple of days after a post. We clearly do not have enough interest to push this idea forward.
On the positive side, though, I have worked out a simple protocol for evaluating the critical mass needed in a network for launching an initiative. This will be extremely useful in my future work. Sometimes, failed ideas provide the best opportunity to advance your thinking!
So Ed got me thinking: what if public corruption was actually the popular and accepted democratic choice here in North East Ohio?  What if enough of our citizens relied on corruption to pay their mortgage and to pay for their family that if corruption where put on the ballot as a choice it would win?
Ed, from the few responses that you received, do you think corruption would garner a majority on a free ballot in NEO?
I am beginning to believe that corruption would win democratically just as it is winning practically, or as they say, on the ground.
If we legalized corruption in Cuyahoga County, we could have saved the City of Cleveland almost a million dollars for their violation of fair hiring practices, and saved Judge Corrigan the trouble.  
Nice Easter Photos from China, Ed!


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interesting on response time

When I clicked through to Ed's post at BFD, I noticed some comments on the citizen dashboard proposal in the sidebar. OMG! George posted it. I had expected GN to pick it up via feed back in March, but thought Ed might not, so I emailed a link to him and asked him to peruse and comment.

faster than a speeding medmart

Sent March 15, 2009 to Ed Morrison, Betsey Merkel and Peter Chakerian of CoolCleveland

"Marc Canter has a new proposal for Cuyahoga County ED:

More here:

and here"

George picks it up almost a month later and Ed notices and comments. Maybe he should allow a little longer time for sign up on the anti-corruption task force. Citizen Dashboard would be dead in the water measured by that timeline (2 days). Maybe we're all slowing down a bit... I am.

Citizen Dashboard is getting well known in these parts

I actually just met with George at the very nice new Pheonix on W.9th...

At well over 1,000 reads on REALNEO alone, it is safe to say Citizen Dashboard is getting well known in these parts, but is still little understood.

Marc Canter and I have been reaching out to friends here in NEO to explain more about the Dashboard project and collect feedback and input - we will accelerate this process over the next three weeks, as we prepare our presentation on the initiative for the County.

All feedback everywhere is greatly appreciated - watch for the Citizen Dashboard to pop up in cyber and physical discussions all over real NEO, and join in... this will be a major part of our region's future and economy.

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