Poll Participation Votes Below On Whether Protest In Front Of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's Home Should Go Forward April 9

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See results below on whether the protest planned in front of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's home should go forward. (Editor's Note: The previous poll drew 9 votes with 78 percent for the protest and 22 percent against, but it only lasted a couple of hours. Vote in another poll as to the upcoming protest at www.realNEO.com).

The Imperial Women have voted to lead a protest in front of the home of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, 2327 E. 38th St, at noon on April 9 as to the Imperial Ave. Murders, the malicious prosecutions of Black women by his appointed law director Robert Triozzi, and his failure to investigate police misconduct against Black women. (Editors Note: View poll results below from www.blogpolls.com, which conveniently went out of business in the middle of our poll).

Renewed poll question on whether you believe that community activists should protest in front of the home of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, April 9




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Malicious prosecution is a

Malicious prosecution is a serious allegation.  And so is a claim that it is motivated by racial animus.  The same goes for a claim that police misconduct occurred and was directed at persons of a particular sex, of a particular race.

People's reputations, livevlihoods, and credibility are at stake in both cases.  A decision to go to any man's home and, in effect, disturb his peace--even if only done by peaceful protest--should be done with a sincere heart.  It should be done out of a conviction that it is right, and that it is necessary.


The data speak for itself.

The data speak for itself. Law Director Triozzi usurps the role of the chief prosecutor to maliciously prosecute Black women. If it were above board, his intervention would not be necessary. And six of the 11 women murdered  on Imperial Ave. were murdered after  alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell was released in 2008 upon police going to his home smelling death and seeing blood that lined the walls. Why no search warrant?

And for a mayor to be informed in writing that a White elderly neighbor allegedly witnessed Fifth District police beat up a Black woman named Rebecca Whitby, 25, and allegedly call her a nigger and do nothing is questionable. Moreover, County Prosecutor Bill Mason dropped bogus criminal charges against Collinwood High School graduate Destini Bronaugh, 19,who was only participating in a peaceful protest around teacher layoffs, and Mayor Jackson and Triozzi had this Black girl  propsecuted for the city on trumped up charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of official business because of their disdain for Black women. The list goes on.

We need to also mention the attempt by Triozzi and Jackson to have Jackson's endorsed corrupt friend, Cleveland Judge McLaughlin Murray, to try to illegally sentence a Black female activist and journalist for not resisting the illegal arrest of sole White male arresing Deputy Sheriff Gerald Pace when he supports the woman andmade no accusation and did not testify per the Ohio Rules of Evidence and the confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendement.  Jackson has allegedly threatend to withdraw his endorsememnt unless McLaughlin Murray harasses the journalist and community activist because she has led rallies as a leader of the Imperial Women as to the Imperial Ave Murders and the mayor's niece lived with Sowell during the time of the murders.

Thank God for the  Internet, an  avenue to expose McLaughlin Murray and these men, all  of whom should be investigated by the FBI  just like former Cuyahoga County Judge Bridget McCafferty. The Jackson House Protest, which will occur on a city street in front of the mayor's house,  is protected via the free speech clause of the First Amendment, is in good faith, and is necessary because Judge McLaughlin Murray,  the mayor,  and law director Triozzi  are harassing Black women. Also,  Jackson apparently believes that  a delayed investigation on why Sowell was released in 2008 to allegedly kill 6 more women will cover up the truth--A protest is long overdue and city law directors and prosecutors should be voted in by the people rather than appointed by a corrupt anti- bLack, anti-Democratic and sexist self serving mayor.

The reason Mayor Jacksoin has no Blacks or women as law director, safety director, chief of police, chief prosecutor and ems commissioner in a predominantly Black and largely female major metropolitan city is because he does not believe in diversity and  is anti-Black and anti-female where it counts, and in the venues were women and minorities are most vulnerable and need competent law enforcement leadership as to domestic violence, police misconduct, rape, murder, and malicious prosecutions of Blacks and women by no good and racist law director Robert Triozzi, a former Cleveland Municipal Court judge who is the attorney for the judges in that court while he silmutaneously brings malicious criminal charges aganst Blacks and women. Imagine  that kind of unconstitutional setup being sanctioned by a Black mayor and a Black man who has become a joke to the Black community, and a man that obviously despises women of his own race.---Must I say more?--Kathy Wray Coleman--216-932-3114--- or ktcoleman8 [at] aol [dot] com.  (http://www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com)