Walk the Walk: If all who enjoyed Frank's parties would contribute the cost of their daily latte, his property would be safe.

Submitted by Oldroser on Wed, 07/31/2013 - 02:45.

Much has been written here about the shameful way Frank Giglio has been treated and the illegal, not just crooked, way his property was stolen. Now, Lily writes that, although he is now on the monthly pay plan, there is a chance that he might also lose his mother's property. She herself is in terrific pain and so less able to do her usual, magnificant job of helping others. She wrote, here realneo.us/content/calling-all-cops-tremont-area-frank-giglio-has-petty-warrant-unpaid-traffic-fines-high-alert#comments that:


I have medical issues and am not able to provide much legal or financial assistance to Frank Giglio-  at the moment.  However, I believe the community should step up and help this poor guy."

It isn't that hard. You can send money via Paypal with only a person's email address.

But for all the ink that has been spilled, sympathy poured out in generous measure, when it comes to spending even a little bit of money, no one has sent even a single dollar. No one, except one old lady living on Social Security. That, Lily tells me, is the only person.

Those who enjoyed his parties? Not one reciprocated.

Dennis Kucinich, who had read coverage of this issue in 2009  and was concerned about it? Nope.

Those who wrote about poor Frank? Not even the difference between a Starbuck's latte and some coffee brought from home, has been donated.

One individual wrote long ago about a dream for realneo, mentioning that he had written about Frank's plight, and that realneo had "heightened the collective responsibility of many in our community." Not very many, just one old lady.

Why not?

One fundraiser in 2009 was enough, duty done?

It's "old news"?

Or "what does it matter"?





I saw Frank on Sunday at Lincoln Park - he was not in a very sociable mood.  I didn't push it with him. I agree, Anita - that there should be an effort to help Frank stay in the neighborhood.  He has been treated miserably. 

I spent the better part of last year helping some one, like Frank - in my neighborhood- to keep his house.  A very smart person who also suffers from some mental and health issues that keeps him from achieving a more normal life.  Fortunately, for me, the man's brother stepped in and settled some of the more complex financial issues and saved his house.  I am getting exhausted by the effort of caring and I have my own family, too, to attend.  I am glad that Frank has Lily - I have sent money in the past to help and if needed - I will help him as much as I can. 

But you and Lily cannot continue to help all alone.

It is difficult, and draining.

Lily is not well and it is harder for her to help.

So many wrongs here to fight, you may well at some point decide to leave Korrupt Kleveland.

You both do a great deal of good, this is not aimed at you, but at the wider community, especially those who were happy to enjoy Frank's hospitality in good times, but don't give a damn or a dollar in bad times.

And, of course, I was trying to draw a parallel to a national disgrace, using Mrs. Clinton's shameful "What does it matter," about Benghazi.