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Oh so now we shouldn't have

Oh so now we shouldn't have a Farmer's Market in Tremont either? Should there be anything in Tremont at all? How about we just totally and completely level the neighborhood (except of course for the houses of the poor, elderly and disabled)? Would that make everyone on this website happy?

Who said you have a right to a Farmers' Market

Who said you have a right to a Farmers' Market... I didn't see the contract.

You want a circus too. Bungee jumping. 9 hole golf course. You don't get it all buddy... that's Bay Village... Solon...

In Tremont you get pollution, cancer, mutation, and increased risk of mortality. It was like that before you moved there and you have clearly done nothing to make that better - everything else is bullshit

Shut down Mittal for real, if you want to complain about something,

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and this is disingenuous and polarizing

you should know better than that - no one is saying there should not be a market.

The only reason I questioned

The only reason I questioned 'Oh so now we shouldn't have a Farmer's Market in Tremont either?' is because it just seems to me that everything good in our community has to always be attacked for some ridiculous reason and of course it has to be photographed and recorded and put up online. The Farmer's Market benefits everyone in Tremont, regardless of age, race, color, creed or economic level. Let's just leave it at that.

My problem with Tremont is you don't care about pollution

My problem with Tremont is you don't care about pollution as bad - you validate it as good - and that kills all of us.

To eliminate the pollution from around Tremont, I'd gladly see all of Tremont bulldozed, if that is what it takes.

Same goes for University Circle - bulldoze away, starting at the MCCO coal plant in my backyard, and going right down University Hospotials Drive.

Just like a Farmers Market, a hosptial is not worth anything if it is part of a system killing people. Tremont kills people.

I'm off to photograph your pollution as evidence for the EPA to help make you live longer if you don't mind.

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No, I have no issues with

No, I have no issues with the market but the traffic congestion poses a hazardous situation, especially during rush hour traffic being that West 14th Street is heavily traveled and there are two bus stops(one at each corner of the park.

As you can see in the photo, the sandwich truck is sitting in the middle of the road with no lights or signal on.  The park is full of children and heaven forbid that somebody bring attention to the danger before some one or someone's child gets smashed to smitherines as the result of somebody pulling out into on-coming traffic on the wrong side of the dam street.



I have to say, as the parent

I have to say, as the parent of two young children who spend much of their waking lives in Lincoln Park, I'm perfectly happy to see the parallel parking on w.14th during the market.  I'm sure the sandwich truck wasn't double parked there long (and won't be after this), however, the street parking helps to slow down those impatient commuters that often coming speeding through our community after work.  I feel safer letting my kids run around the market with that added barrier of safety. 

Having the market is a wonderful amenity and convenience - we should do everything we can to support it - even perhaps letting them know personally when there is room for some improvement.  I'm sure the organizers don't want to create an unsafe environment and would be extremely open to hearing about any issues.  In my experience, civility is alot more effective than venom.

As a parent you have every

As a parent you have every right to judge what you feel is safe and what isn't for your children.  However, did you ever think that it might be somebody else's child that ran out or somebody's mother, father or child darting into on coming traffic to miss the idiot sitting in the road with no blinkers or lights on. 

For those who don't think it's a big deal, that's you but why can't they find a place for the market that is a little safer for motorists?  Nothing sinister about having a safer neighborhood.

Accessibility and respect for the Disabled...Farmer's Market

When your life is not impacted by the devastation of being confined to a wheelchair or walker, etc., you cannot begin to imagine how these kinds of things destroy the quality of life for that person.

Learn to care about the little things that significantly impact a great percentage of people and their families in our region. Learn about the demographics of your community outside the box of your comfort zone. Learn to appreciate the NEEDS of those citizens too. Every little adjustment of fine tuning our communications will improve the quality of life for all people in general.

If you are blind or in a wheelchair-that Farmer's Market is not good for your quality of life if you cannot get to it and buy the stuff you want, now is it?





Blind? Disabled?

"If you are blind or in a wheelchair-that Farmer's Market is not good for your quality of life if you cannot get to it and buy the stuff you want, now is it?"

If you're blind, you're obviously not driving to the Farmer's Market, so the traffic congestion becomes a moot point. The same with being disabled. Those cars and trucks in the photo are not impeding the ability to traverse the sidewalks in a wheelchair.

And by the way, I am greatly concerned about things that impact people's lives in the city of Cleveland and I know plenty about the demographics of my community outside the box of my comfort zone (whatever that is...why don't you tell me since you seem to know a great deal about me?) having a severely handicapped younger brother.



Dare I say it?

 Isn't the incessant and insistent focus on such ridiculous minutaie as parking violations and valets and sidewalk impediments just a smokescreen for good, old-fashioned class warfare? I mean, I'm sure there are some here in Tremont who actually care about these issues, but aren't most just hiding behind them as a way to spew jealousy and hatred for those who have what they don't? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm the last person who would EVER defend these corporate douche assholes who speed around in their Mercedes and sit at Fahrenheit and act like pricks, but really, in my opinion, there needs to be a real, honest confrontation of the social injustice that pervades not only Tremont but the entire country, and it needs to be fought with people talking about the real issues, not just parking violations and liquor licenses and valets.

These people have brought the library to the disabled

These people have brought the library to the disabled - I don't know any people who care more about the disadvantaged, and I love them for that.

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day to day quality of life

as well as selective enforcement of codes is a part of what is being fought.

The point is that Sammy Catania has a history of treating residents like a piece of shit, has screamed profanities at them, may have fired off a gun, and now has assaulted another person. If you are not catching the red flags here, then have your own vision checked. 

The board of TWDC needs to fire Sammy and show some balls with the director.


"may have fired off a gun"

"may have fired off a gun"

Has that been confirmed? I hate it when people do that in my neighborhood

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Per Guy T Black's response last night to my question: Sammy came to the park in rage. What happened in the moments prior to this?. Guy said that Sammy fired off 6-7 rounds a few weeks ago, that people called the police, and that "nothing happened". Guy was questioning this, and per Guy, Sammy got word of it, and came down to the park.

That account for the discussion on the tape.

The solution is to pin the date and time down, get the 911 tapes (public record) and find out which officers responded and what happened.  

When we have gunfire, I call 911. The police response is quick. 

no police report was made when Sammy attacked Guy either

the officer at 2nd District kept questioning Guy about the assault incident at the park since no police report was made on the date of the incident.

fair and valid question

that any citizen would ask: why was a police report not made? Commander Sulzer certainly would think this is a fair question.  




Dear members of the Tremont Neighborhood:

"I have seen enough mud thrown lately, by people in the neighborhood who do not contribute, own property and or even live here to stay quiet any longer.  Sammy Catania has been a great asset for this neighborhood and has put his heart and soul into helping this neighborhood both for the residents and the businesses. If the portion of people that do nothing and contribute nothing to this neighborhood would actually get a job, volunteer, pay taxes, or help in any other way, Tremont could be a much greater place.  However, you choose to make accusations and disparage good people.  Thank You Rocco for spelling it out for people.  Unfortunatly,  I don't have the time to write a long letter about this.  Yes,  I am getting ready for one of the greatest festivals this city has to offer.  I am CONTRIBUTING to the better good of TREMONT.  Good will triumph.   Thank You everyone for your support over the years and all your hard work to HELP make Tremont a great neighborhood."
Paul Jones


I stopped liking Tremont when Treehouse showed up

"I am CONTRIBUTING to the better good of TREMONT" - Means "FREE FOOD FROM TREEHOUSE" at Taste of Treemont - free beers after on Paul Jones.... I assume. 

Here I thought the Treehouse charged money for food and drinks and abused neighbors... I didn't realize it was a charity.

More likely he is overcharging for some nothing food and planning to make $1,000s off the tourists

I think I stopped liking Tremont when Treehouse showed up on the scene - nasty place and people

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I don't think that it matters where someone lives.....

if they are concerned about an elderly disabled man attacked and assaulted by some nut chewing fool. 

Now how the fuck can Tree House stick up for Sammy Catania when someone from Tree House personally called me last night saying they agree with everything being said about Catania. fence riders?

there seems to be a lot of

there seems to be a lot of that going on.

When will Sammy Catania be held accountable or u all?

My salute to some of the top GODs in Tremont... You know, the "GOOD FOLKS WHO HAVE SPUN A TANGLED WEB OF LIES, DECEIT, AND SO MUCH MORE!" 

Perhaps you believe in your own mind that you are personally contributing to the better good of TREMONT with your own life and that GOOD will triumph...... however, we've all learned how to understand what your ideas and definitions of "GOOD" are, including eradicating anyone who YOU declare beneath you...and endorsing the behavior of folks like SAMMY CATANIA! 

 Anyone who abuses, denegrates, violates the rights of low income, aged, and disabled or demographically disadvantaged residents.

                              "RESPECTABLE"  Bullies, Intimidators, Liars, thieves, cheats, corrupt, collusive, and egotistical connected genre who look down on the demographically disadvantaged while greedily violating their civil rights and uncountable laws under the US Constitution.

                               "CRAZY"- Anyone who has the courage, empowerment, and vision to conquer the "GOOD & RESPECTABLE" HIGH AND ALMIGHTY GODS OF TREMONT with their constitutional rights.

                              "Accusations"- Proven factual events that they want to be erased from reality.

                     "NOTHING"---  in Tremont appears to mean "STANDING UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS or upholding democracy" 

                                    (With replaced definitions) " The people who stand up for people's rights and contribute to upholding democracy!" 

                             "A MUCH BETTER PLACE": A place where none of the elitists would have to face the demographic realities of low income, retired, disabled folks nor where they would have to be held accountable for thier "GOOD" behavior! 



What a day of beautiful reflections out of the mouths of some of TREMONT's BEST! 

PERHAPS WHEN THE WORLD VISITS TREMONT THIS WEEKEND, THEY WILL GET A GOOD TASTE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITIES.... Or will you all have your lipstick on when the crowds come in for your dog & pony show???? 

By gones....God doesn't promise any of you tomorrows...So while you all live your everyday as though it's your last.... Be prepared for the possibilities that one of the drunks pulling out of your bars might just run someone you dearly care about over and leave you codependent on a wheelchair and disability check.... Perhaps your lovely pals will then wheel you around, lift you up, and care for you when you are down and out...Prayerfully-they will help you overcome the obstacles that they have created just because you are such a wonderful human being.... God doesn't promise you all the blessings you have today will be here tomorrow. But, you all are your own Gods and shouldn't have to worry about these kind of things.

 Thanks for being so considerate and don't worry, we know that GOOD WILL TRIUMPH OVER EVIL... We don't need your distorted version of what's worthy of judgment... It's okay... we still appreciate your post above! We are certain that your "FRATERNAL" Buddies will appreciate your valiant commentary to support such a "RESPECTABLE" person as Sammy Catania. Excellent job! 


My dear Pauley First of all,

My dear Pauley

First of all, you do not have to live here to be a stakeholder in the community.  There are members of the TWDC Board that do not live here as well as the TWDC By-Laws clarifies such.   Not to mention, there are many business owners in the community that do not live here. 

Heart and Soul:  I hear that a lot.  I also hear about how much money, and all the hard work that has gone into certain businesses.  What about the blood, sweat, tears, years of har dwork and every dollar they could rake and scrape together that some of these people have put into their old houses? 

Get a job, volunteer - pay taxes:  Most of these old timers have already paid their dues.  A lot of them volunteer, and for the most part I'd say they're kind of tired.  They maybe feel like after all those years of hard work, that they should be able to enjoy their later years in peace without the drunks, the noise the parking headaches.    Have you ever seen a swarm of locusts?  With the influx of so many people until all hours in the morning, keeping everybody awake, slamming car doors, hollering drunks, that's what it reminds me of.

Paying Taxes:  Well, that's a good one.  What do you think rent pays? we buy groceries, we buy gas, we buy insurance, we buy clothes, we buy cleaning products, maintenance on vehicles, pay utility bills, etc.  How many of these big time developers would go under real fast if all the renters left? 

This big event you speak of - it a money maker and nothing more.  If all these people just came as spectators, you wouldn't want them here.  Just like the poor people who live here.  They are of no value to the business sector - so they're pushed and squeezed aside like second class citizens.