What about these people?

Submitted by Boerboel Breeder on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 20:54.

When you think that you are having a bad day think about the lives that these people live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io8c81xHLmw&feature=player_embedded  what are we doing to help these people.

Fighting industrialism and mainstream media

Fighting industrialism and mainstream media... and corruption in America in general

Promoting open source computing and saving the environment helps as well... and realNEO shows the world the horror

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Do you really mean that

By your actions I would say that you are trying to pit me Mick and Russ against each other. Let us fight or kill each other while you take off with the goods.

Are you using children in the Congo to find sympathy for you?

Are you using children in the Congo to find sympathy for you?

You contacted me to warn me that Mick attacked your cousin - when Mick attacked me I asked you to get specific on what Mick did to your cousin so I knew what to expect - he strangled your cousin meaning he is as violent as he said he would be to my family.

Obviusly he is as violent as he says.

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There are no goods in EC

There are no goods in EC - a coal plant and lots of poisoned people.

As for us, we have a poisoned house worth far less than we had to spend to make it livable, but it isn't livable because of the secret coal plant and corrupt leadership here... so... nothing good here in EC, I assure you.

Nothing good to take away... no good times... no profit or reward... just misery and loss.

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Nrom I have a dog named CONGO

An I posted this on my FB page some time ago. This is something that I truly believe needs more awareness. While we have TV shows about the dolphins whales and pitbulls people in Africa suffer by the hundreds of thousands. Really I want you to think of what these people endure. And understand that what has happened to you is nothing. Think about the beautiful family and home that you have and be happy.

From one poison victim to the next...

From one poison victim to the next... get mad as hell and do something about it... you are being poisoned by a coal plant a mile away and that is social injustice on a par with exploitation of children in Africa... what is the difference?

Our kids are being made weak and stupid and having years of their lives taken away - will suffer poor health throughout.

I've been to Africa - seen the suffering - India, China, New Guinea, Haiti... you name it. EC is no better. My grandmother joined the Peace Corps and relieved suffering in Nepal. I am dedicated to world improvement.

That starts at home.

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