"When my gut tells me something is wrong, I've been around long enough to know something is wrong"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 05/18/2010 - 00:03.

I got chills today, scanning ongoing coverage of Cleveland City Hall's plans to lock citizens and their children here into a 10 year sole-source LED lighting contract with Sunpu Opto, of China - Cleveland council committee embraces LED lighting deal - when I made the interpretation my instincts about Sunpu Opto are the same as Councilman Polensek's... which means my instincts may be wrong, as how could he be right?

Polensek's take on the Sunpu Opto deal:

"When my gut tells me something is wrong, I've been around long enough to know it's not right," Polensek said during the hearing.

He accused the administration of conducting a faulty process in choosing Sunpu-Opto.

"We're going to pay for every one of those jobs five times, six times over," Polensek said.

I'm glad to read Polensek feels this way about the Sunpu Opto situation, as I understand Sansai Environmental Technologies has had a devil of a time dealing with faulty processes with the administration at Cleveland City Hall in getting economic development support here for the jobs and opportunity they already bring to Polensek's ward in Cleveland - the lack of support at City Hall for Sansai should be addressed with as much energy, enthusiasm and vigor by the city and the media as is the Sunpu Opto opportunity packaged by Jackson... and the lack of support for Sansai in Collinwood should be addressed before there is another vote on supporting Sunpu Opto of China.

Raising the question, how does one get Cleveland City Hall, City Council, honest reporters and the various powers that be here to make trade missions to Collinwood, to learn about Sansai Environmental here, and how do they get Polensek and our other leaders here to realize if they screw up the community's opportunity to host Sanai here, and Sansai leaves town, "we're going to pay for every one of those jobs five times, six times over."

"When my gut tells me something is wrong, I've been around long enough to know something is wrong," Norm Roulet writes today, about the situation in Collinwood with Councilman Polensek and Cleveland City Hall not supporting Sansai Environmental Engineering, and it is more important for City Hall to make that right than worry about Sunpu Opto at all, ever.

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Withers countered that the process has been open and transparent

From the latest PD coverage of the sweetheart Sunpu Opto deal...

"We believe we are trying to create a new bold and innovative way of doing business," Barry Withers, director of the Department of Public Utilities, said during Monday's hearing.

Withers countered that the process has been open and transparent.

I am interested to see the "open and transparent" explanation of exactly how local businesses participate in Cleveland's "new bold and innovative way of doing business" - where are the itineraries for the development staff - who at city hall is involved in this new way of doing business and how are they contacted.

Where is the website for this?

Where are the procurement categories open to this new way of doing business, the transition cycles, and the RFPs, advertisements or other public information sharing documents provided by the city before it cuts sweetheart deals with sole sources?

How do we the people of NEO get in on this sweetheart deal action here, because it is clearly the only way to go and how it works is far from "open and transparent" to me or anyone I know.

Does anything about City Hall seem open and transparent about Sunpu Opto to you, realNEO?

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That doesn't make Sunpu Opto right. It makes Sansai right.

I keep rereading what Polensek is saying here...

"When my gut tells me something is wrong, I've been around long enough to know it's not right,"

Now I get it - he knows his "gut" is "not right". That makes sense.

So I may be right about Sunpu Opto, as Polensek's "gut" is "not right"....

I know I'm right about Sansai, and Polensek is definitely "not right" about anything about that...

Polensek seems just plain not right.


That doesn't make Sunpu Opto right. It makes Sansai right.

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It is obvious,,,

that POLENSEK is not right.  My gut tells me that he is not right and the video backs it up. A review of three bulging binders, filled with thousands and thousands of documents detailing the abuse that was inflicted upon SANSAI by COUNCILMAN POLENSEK will further back up the abuse claims.

The documents, video, statements from others that I spent 4 1/2 hours reviewing on Saturday clearly details a very sickening case of abuse of powers by Councilman Polensek and Cleveland Housing Court dating back when the owners first bought their building. 

The author of the video is scheduled to appear in Cleveland Housing Court on May 24, 2010.  After the taped conversation, Housing Court bailiffs appeared at a neighborhood meeting, that was scheduled after normal working hours, to arrest the author for an outstanding warrant that was issued for a 2004 housing court case.

It is a sad shame that a business can not operate in Cleveland if the councilman wants the building for another business and Sansai happened to be the highest bidder on the building. 

My gut tells me COUNCILMAN POLENSEK has been around way too long.

more here

And lots more to come.........

Damn, and I just had a gut feeling...

Damn, and I just had a gut feeling... I can't wait to learn more...

In the mean time, I have a solution for Sansai... more to come on that from me

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Gut feeling

I had a "gut feeling' nearly five years ago when my 'friends' that own SANSAI first started telling me what Polensek was doing to them.  I advised them to immediately start documenting everything.  Some take my advice, and others do not.   Well, they took my advice given several years ago and now have quite a tale to tell.  Exact dates, witnesses, video, documents, etc.,

I am more than impressed with what they have documented.

Question of the Day?

Why did Cleveland Councilman Polensek seek a "loan" from Collinwood & Nottingham Village Development Corporation -a CDC that he funds with federal dollars-, when the house that he eventually bought from this deal was located in another part of his ward that is serviced by North East Shores Community Development?





Frank Giglio Tremont

story here


The Political Gangster


                                                Well, I guess there are VAMPIRES in Cleveland. Thanks gut feeling!  Maybe we need to wear garlic in Cleveland so we don't get bit. There are bats flying around Sansai.

Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich sent a representative from his office to Cleveland Housing Court for a meeting today in an attempt to save Sansai.

Good job, Dennis!

A rep...but no cigar

Until he comes out with a statement at his website...http://kucinich.house.gov/

There is no hiding anymore--all local representation needs to be held accountable.  REALNEO will be there and will take notes.  

What was the outcome of today's housing court date?  A reprieve?