white police officers in cleveland wanted to murder good mayor mike white - on video tape @ cleveland prosecutors police fbi

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my then brother-in-law a white cleveland police officer said he and other police officers wanted to murder good mayor mike white and this is on video-audio tape -

when my sister and then said brother in law and other two brothers visted our great mother on a holiday and as they were in mothers room the brother in law cleveland police officer off duty said "he and other police want to murder-kill mayor white" as they were talking about other things about how they hated mayor white and everyone laughed - as they talked about other things also - i was out of the room at the time -

all my brothers and sister attempted to have mother put in a nursing home - most have very bad care - when they attempted to probate mother under mental incompetence - i fought the good fight and great judge donnely at probate court ruled mother to go home 1985 -

i had a video-audio camera in our dinning room facing mothers room every day to protect and document mothers home health care from health care agencies - and disgruntled relatives etc. - as mother was home with care from me also - from 1985 to 2000 and passed over at 89 -

i didn't know of this threat to mayor white until i discovered said video tape a year or so later as i recall - as i was going through the many tapes looking for something else - i made copies of said tape and sent a cover letter and tape copies copy to the cleveland f.b.i. and mayor white and cleveland police -

mayor white sent me a letter thanking me - and as i recall about a few months later i received a letter from the cleveland prosecutors office - assistant prosecutor frizt or fritz as i recall - that stated the statue of limitations had expired and they couldn't prosecute -

a source told me the fbi sent a under cover female african american special agent to get to know-investgate brother in law police officer and he fell in love with her - my sister found out and divorce him - and the  female special agent left him with a broken heart and no arrest - poetic justice -

he was brought up in a polish catholic home and his father was a priest - (they can marry)- and he joined the marines - cleveland police officer - swat - first district  - dare officer - (he and lt. - other dare officers worked with quest me to get thousand of deseret storm war military meal and thousands mars bars and glue to the 6,000 dare kids in cleveland schools - without any red tape - i did a post on that) - health retired = intitutional racisim

other storys will be added like police brother in law - police etc. using me quest news service media credentials assigned to him and others in a under cover operation in australia

the cleveland police and prosecutors office and fbi and mike white should have a copy of said tape in case any one wants to view it - media etc. - can any one help get a copy of said video - i'm searching for my copy

about the same time mike white went public as mayor to attempt to expose racist clevelad police and the media did a few stories -

so was mike white lucky - did mike have great security or like mayor dennis kucinich the racist  - cleveland organized crime etc. didn't want to murder dennis - and maybe they didn't want to murder mike -

but there has been a few attempts to murder me over the years - and my canine partners - mother was murdered mostly by some bad home health care - and metro hospitol - and relatives that didn't care - although ruled bad heart-

i work very well with good law enforcement although some racist corrupt shadow police law enforcement don't like folks like me that speak truth power - so look forward to more harressment - life threating attempts on me and sophia our home Quest, ministries etc.

cheers - sophia and guy


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