Who killed Dawn Pasela?

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Who killed Dawn Pasela? - this story needs wider examination

- prosecutor misconduct and wrongful imprisonment #mortgagefraud #subprime

- how was community development

involved through CDCs land banks city+

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Strawbuyers and the LLC game -


Straw buyers are paid to quickly pick up the property and then it is quickly transferred to an LLC.  In some cases, especially on the east side, straw buyers were paid to take out an inflated subprime mortgage on the home and then to intentionally foreclose. 

On the west side, Jack Peterson bought home after home on Archwood Ave.  Then, defaulted on the mortgage and walked with some properties picked up by Aurora LLC then transferred to Brian Bobula* to Angel Bobula.  Somehow, Jack Peterson ended up "purchasing" a home on Holmden in the "Model Block" Tremont neighborhood...from HUD.

Look, especially at how the taxes are NOT paid on these flipped properties:  Also on my street--Beachwood landlord Lucky Ogor rented Section 8 properties for years and continued to collect rent, while never paying taxes on his properties. 

Believe me, our county treasurer knew of these loopholes for years and this special favor was conveniently overlooked at tax collection time.  I am hoping CMHA's George Phillips will sing on the HUD machine:  Lucky Ogor recently transferred his property to IKAN Associates, Inc. 

Consider these two major LOOPHOLES: Our former county treasurer Jim Rokakis and his buddy Gus Frangos had enough time to legislate the exclusive sale of tax liens to Plymouth Park and the creation of the unregulated quasi-government agency the "Land Bank,"  but OVERLOOKED 1.) the fact that properties in Ohio can transfer title without paying off existing tax liens and 2.) that landlords can continue to collect federal HUD Section 8 Voucher monies, while in tax foreclosure???



Tony Viola and the racket



Richard speaks with a former real estate broker recently released from federal prison who blows the whistle on corrupt state and federal prosecutors who suppressed exculpatory evidence in his case.

GUEST: Tony Viola is a former real estate broker who was indicted three times and tried twice on identical charges by a multi-jurisdictional mortgage fraud task force. Prosecutors alleged Tony duped banks like JP Morgan into making 'no money down' mortgage loans that the bank didn't permit. Tony was convicted in federal court and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in jail. But from jail, and without an attorney, he proved his innocence at a second trial on the same charges using evidence the Justice Department hid before the first trial. Prosecutors possessed evidence proving Tony's innocence all along but never provided it to the defence.

It is inconceivable to me that Tony Viola was set up to take the fall for mortgage fraud on east side and served 10 years while it is still happening and the mastermind of mortgage fraud, Gus Frangos, still helms the Cuyahoga County Land Bank and through his tentacles at City Hall - affects tax abatement, housing prices and development dollars.

Sam Allard I understand that the story is too complicated for the average understanding. But, at very least - look at how the prosecution operated in this case. A woman set to testify in Tony Viola's defense dies the day before the trail of "alcohol poisoning" and it doesn't raise a red flag about the court system here?


SEE: http://realneo.us/content/village-capital-corporation-aka-cleveland-neighborhood-progress-inc-600k-mortgage-loan-sv-r-0

From Lily Miller's research:

Meanwhile, Gus Frangos - President of the County Land Bank - has engaged in very suspicious activity regarding real estate in Cuyahoga County.  It is my opinion that Gus Frangos has engaged in MORTGAGE FRAUD.

Gus Frangos has purchased property in his own name, transferred the property into numerous self-created LLCs, received large sums of money via mortgages, failed to pay his property taxes, collected rent money, and then he failed to pay the mortgage.    I believe that Gus Frangos had no intention of ever paying the mortgage and hid the property behind the self-created LLC while collecting rent money.

Gus Frangos has  several foreclosure cases filed against him and his self-created LLCs.   One property tax foreclosure regarding property located at 1158 East 61st Street and owned by Gus Frangos' self-created LLC ( 1158 East 61 LLC) was recently foreclosed upon and will soon go to sheriff foreclosure sale.

It is interesting to note that the mortgage in the amount of $175,000 (documented below) was never released by National City Bank.  I searched high and low to find the mortgage release relative to this property and came up empty handed.  National City Bank was also served a copy of the foreclosure decision- which backs up my research since National City was served court documents- meaning they have an interest in this property- the loan was NOT repaid: