Why ICEarth Bigbang, And Why Millions Need This Today

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 02:22.


As a contemporary photographer and videographer, I have always had to work with complex technologies to perform my arts. Over the past two decades, all aspects of the industries of my arts have changed, as imaging and audio recording have become digital and moved from film and silver to binary code, computers and 3D. Now digital, the technological canvases of my artforms grow daily, as multimedia hardware and software become more advanced and sophisticated - now moving into warp drive as computing processing, memory and storage value are shifting to exponential performance growth - our Bigbang computers offer higher performance than was possible with high-end computers of a year-ago - by multiples of 10X, in many ways - yet cost less.

Immeasurably less, as Bigbang computers run ICEarth Linux, freeing them of the real, significant financial and performance burdens of proprietary Windows and Apple operating systems and technologies, and the software designed for those invironments - Bigbangs computers are state-of-the-art computing technologies optimized for the Open Source world, and all our software is better, and free.

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