Will California Sink into the Ocean on 5/10/13?—An Analysis of Joe Brandt’s Dream - march 28 & may 7-10 (days before or after)

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Everybody knows by now that my record for earthquakes is quite good. Made some drastic improvements after December 2012. And still learning...Where did my research lead to? To several  dates... Especially March 28 and May 9. These dates were also independently found by reader J.C. Cole (March 27 and May 8) First I have to reveal how I cracked the code for LARGE earthquakes...” Urban Survival 3/8/13

Are there any indications from earthquake researchers that this day has the possibility of a large earthquake? Yes. Patrick Geryl who studies planetary alignments in triggering earthquakes has theorized the time around 5/9/13 as a possible date for a 9.5 plus earthquake, and tells of another researcher who theorizes the time around 5/8/13. Let’s not forget that the initial cause of the disasters in the 2012 movie was depicted as coming from a planetary alignment.





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