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Submitted by DesireeSchmitt on Mon, 03/09/2009 - 19:26.

Strange question..

Our block has a constant skunk spray smell.  It has now lasted through all four seasons, including winter.  Now that the spring rains are here and the moisture has increased the smell is really strong. 

The odor is always strongest in the same place and while the project at Gospel Press sent a lot of critters scattering to neighboring places, most of those have found new homes or have been removed over the last year.  Further, the area where the smell is the strongest has no shelter, footprints, or visual siting of such a creature, not to mention, don't they hibernate all winter?

Is there anything else that could cause a similar smell? A plant? Type of waste? Gas?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated by our block and my immediate neighbors.

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Yogi, Guy Templeton Black's dog often smells gas leaks. Maybe he can sniff around and let you know if something is wrong.  



When I was in front of the TWDC offices it really smelled

I smelled a real foul odor when I left the TWDC offices last Thursday night after the committee, it smelled like a skunk was right there. Its getting warmer and its possible that we have critters running around on Professor besides the human types. Perhaps maybe the locations that do not have dumpsters and put thier trash out on the sidewalks draw out the night critters looking to eat high priced food out of a garbage bag.

"pepe le pew" visits Tremont, wow its funny he loves Italian Food, and loves Cafe Style outdoor seating. He can even Valet park while visiting!!

Ever notice Air Products down the hill

Call Matt Carroll and the Cleveland Department of Health, and Stu Greenberg at Environmental Health Watch, to begin.

Considering the testimony about the mercury fallout from burning bodies in Ohio City, consider the environmental conditions of your odor and if that relates to which way the wind blows... it may be with the right wind speed and humidity, etc., you have drop zones for emissions from factories in the Flats... since Mittal is closed, you may eliminate that culprit for now... I'd look to Air Products

Disrupt IT

Tremont Discriminates

That ain't nothin'  I was talking to some folks and there's a group of cyclists (there's  about 45 in the group) who are talking about coming down here to eat and they wanted to know if they pulled their harley's up to the valet zone could they be valeted.  I told 'em I didn't have a clue and they said if they couldn't could that be considered discrimination?  I didn't have an answer for that one either.

Call Dominion NOW

  NOW...don't be afraid to report any smell of gas no matter how small.. I called when I first moved into my house and found that my water tank was not properly installed and that I had a crack in the pipe from my stove line.

Dominion East Ohio customers: 1-877-542-2630. An alternate number is on the front of your bill, or in your local phone directory.


i think i saw pepe as his girl

out dining last night...

but seriously - I live right up the bluff from Air Products and the only thing we get is burning plastic smell all summer long - lOVely!

There is a place right next to Pat's in the Flat's that emits horrid odor, mostly at night. They also have a 10-20 foot flame shooting up fromt he ground into the night sky... maybe they are the culprit?

that air quality control phone number is a bIG joke.

Don't you worry about the pollution?

People living in Tremont seem so unconcerned about pollution... like it doesn't matter what happens a few 1000 yards away, where that flame is shooting up in the air. I can understand a lower income individual, existential artist or someone who doesn't plan to have kids or live a real long time living there, but why do rich people want to live there...? Death wish?

Tremont should have some of the lowest value properties in Northeast Ohio - you shouldn't be able to pay people to move into the Gospel Press Building - the nearer the Smokestack the lower the real market value... that's how it works everywhere else in the world... do you think you are different?

Tremont has artificially inflated property values, hurting everyone. That will pop.

You can't game the economy!

Disrupt IT

spot on

its funny - I had a chat with a city planner/educator/guy in the know yesterday and I mentioned that in just a few years, Tremont is going to be no different than Westlake or Rocky River because they are sanitizing it - anything of quality or history is being razed and crap ugly is being built... He said "No, where else can you live next door to an asphalt facility?"


Gas lines are deteriorating

  Dominion is replacing lines throughout the city...I don't understand their priority system, because parts of Brooklyn Heights and Old Brooklyn neighborhood were replaced...Tremont is a much older part of the city. Ask your councilman....

Skunk smell=Gas?

If that's the case, I'd call Dominion, immediately. Tremont is an old neighborhood with old gas lines. Can't hurt for them to come out and check. It probably is not a skunk if the odor is persistant and not a one-time smell.  

Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your comments.  I'm going to start with Dominion and if that leads nowhere, then the other organizations mentioned above.

There definately has been no sighting and the smell has persisted throughout the winter when the little critters should be sleeping anyway.

Now, just as for that pesky groundhog...  I've tried to enlist the City for help... no luck.  Any hunters out there?

GEM - General Environmental Management?

No one in this thread has mentioned that the smell may be coming from GEM, (General Environmental Management )  which was discussed on Realneo several years ago here and here.  Is    still operating?   Who has an update on this company?

I don't see any reason why GEM couldn't be encouraging the City of Cleveland departments to look the other way. If inspection corruption is influencing inspectors of residential structures (like Stonebridge where people actually sleep and eat) certainly it might be considered less of a moral transgression to allow a little chemical evaporation. GEM collects and disposes of hazardous chemicals.