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When I woke up on Monday morning (December 1) – it was a winter wonderland all around wherever I looked – Jefferson Park from the attic, our neighbors yards, and our yards. For some reason, our two houses are the only ones around the park with double lots with lots of trees.



I measured the snow in our backyard – 5 to 6 inches.


It was still snowing lightly.


The wet snow covered the trees and shrubs as the photographs show.


Some of the lighter trees and shrubs had their branches bent over, from the extra weight of the wet snow, as if to pay homage to gravity.



The wet snow sculpted the leafless branches – giving them volume – like very thick paint.


A sight to behold!


It lasted for a day until the sun came out the next day.


Our Galena, a golden retriever with a curly tail, had a lot of fun romping in the snow – she did not want to come in.


Enjoy the rest of the autumn.


Winter is officially supposed to start in less than three weeks – on December 21.
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