WKSU's Andy Chow repeating Ohio's "clean coal" Buckeye Institute industry propaganda

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 13:43.

With the internet it is easy to stream radio stations from around the country and around the globe.    This morning I listened to Kent State's Wksu broadcast a report by Ohio Statehouse reporter Andy Chow.     The text of the report can be found archived here:  www.wksu.org/news/story/45613

At the bottom of the report/link it appears possible to leave a comment - when I attempted to leave a comment I was unable to do so - getting a "forbidden" response with my comment evaporated.   Not the best customer experience....fortunately I had kept a copy.

Following is the comment I attempted to leave:

Hello Mr. Chow,  2.1.16
This moring I heard your Ohio Statehouse Report. I am concerned that your gratuitous repetition of  Mr. Lawson's “clean coal” Buckeye Institute propaganda may lend unjustifiable credibility to a dangerous, ignorant, planet damaging legacy energy industry.
Unless your objective was to satire and mock Mr. Lawson,   scientifically unsupported statements such as: 
"Lawson says many people who have asthma and severe allergies live in lower-income areas, where other components are also involved such as mold” 
may be understood by some listeners as having merit – i.e. that it is not sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and particulate air pollution from coal fired energy sources that causes and exacerbates asthma,  rather it is mold in poor people’s dwellings!    Without any data to back him up, airing Lawson’s statements strikes me as dangerous.    
Your radio report continues with Mr. Lawson....
“So, to Lawson says, implementing the Clean Power Plan would be counterproductive. Since the plan will likely shut down several coal plants, Lawson says that’ll lead to higher energy prices, fewer manufacturing jobs and a hike in electric bills."
In the 21st century generating electrical power by burning coal is an obsolete technology.  
In the 21st century using the globe’s atmosphere as a septic tank for fossil fuels’  toxic gasses is crazy.    
WKSU’s  broadcasting statements by obsolete energy industry propagandists (without full Buckeye disclosure) detracts from the substantial good work done by NPR, PRI, and AP.  


Jeff Buster


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