Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice O'Connor Names Retired Judge Jasper To Replace Trimboli In Coleman Malicious Prosecution Case

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Ohio Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor

Former Democratic Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown


Democratic Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock

From the Metro Desk of the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com and Cleveland Urban News.Com (www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com)

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor has assigned retired Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Mabel Jasper to replace Impersonating Visiting Judge Mary Grace Trimboli of Toledo, Oh. in the malicious prosecution case of journalist and community activist Kathy Wray Coleman that is illegally pending in the Berea Municipal Court.

Trimboli quit the case last week because of prejudice and harassment against Coleman and because she is not a retired judge permitted to be assigned as a visiting judge under the Ohio Constitution. She had been unconstitutionally assigned by former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown to replace Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock following his harassment of Coleman.

Brown was appointed last May by former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who lost in Nov. to Republican Gov. John Kasich, to replace Republican Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, who died unexpectedly in April, but lost by an embarrassing 68 percent of the vote in Nov. to O'Connor, a former Lt. Gov. under former Republican Gov. Bob Taft and a regular justice in the court since 2003.

"Judge Jasper is a respected retired judge and had Ohio's high court been more sensitive to assigning fair judges like her to cases when corrupt, racist and crazy judges like Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock recuse themselves after prejudice against Black defendants and others a constitutional ballot amendment and a state law that Ohio trial court judges are at all times sitting judges accountable to the community and assigned by random draw might not have been as necessary, though we still want it," said Coleman. "Former Chief Justice Thomas Moyer rarely assigned retired Black judges like Judge Jasper because he was too busy fixing cases against people with corrupt non-judges like Trimboli and retired Lorain Municipal Court Judge Gustalo Nunez, a stool pigeon to replace racist and corrupt Lyndhurst Municipal Court Judge Mary Kaye Bozza after she harasses Blacks and then gets off of cases."

A native of Alabama who moved to Cleveland with her family when she was 10 years old, Jasper graduated from Cleveland's Glenville High School and taught elementary school in the district for 20 years before getting her law degree and serving as an assistant attorney general and magistrate in the domestic relations court. She ran successfully for judge of the Cleveland Municipal Court in 1987 and retired in 2006 after serving six terms as a likable and respected judge on the bench.

The Imperial Women, which Coleman leads, and other activist groups want a constitutional amendment and state law requiring that Ohio's trial court judges are sitting judges assigned to cases by random draw at all times. The activists had planned a protest before a previously scheduled trial by Trimboli in Berea Municipal Court but it was canceled after it was learned of the protest.

Activists are angry because the court has no jurisdiction to even hear the case since a municipal ordinance adopted by Middleburg Hts voters requires that cases like Coleman's originate in the mayor's court and only proceed to Berea Municipal Court upon pleas of not guilty to the traffic citation and misdemeanor charge, both of which Coleman said are still illegally pending because of her previous writings in the Call and Post Newspaper, her current articles
at www.realneo.us andwww.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com, and her community activism as to the Imperial Ave. Murders and otherwise.

Trimboli, 57, is neither a retired nor current judge but is illegally posing as one and was on the Toledo Municipal Court bench last in 2005 at age 51 and did not seek reelection. Hence, her assignments to Coleman's and other cases violate the Ohio Constitution, which allows only retired judges to serve as visiting judges on special assignments to replace judges relative to conflict or bias.

Coleman is charged with a traffic citation and misdemeanor obstruction of official business allegedly for weaving and not giving her name to Middleburg Hts police on Oct 30, 2009 after they pulled the car over, though she was a passenger and her then attorney Wayne Kerek was in the driver's seat with an expired driver's license and did not even get cited.

Coleman says that Kerek lured her to the city that he lived close by to in Strongsville, Oh. and had contacted Middleburg Hts policeman Kevin Hoover to come arrest her in an unsuccessful effort to stop her from leading a protest on Nov. 10, 2009 at the county justice center over the murders of 11 Black women, whose remains where uncovered at the home of alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell on Imperial Ave in Cleveland  a week and a half earlier on Halloween day.

Data reveal that Comstock snatched the case before it could go to the mayor's court as required by city ordinance because Middleburg Hts Mayor Gary Starr is friends with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, whose Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown chairs the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Board that Starr is also a 17-year member of, where he represents about 39 small cities, including his own. Jackson, says Coleman, is upset with the Imperial Women for protesting in front of his home for an investigation around the murders and for questioning the fact that he is a Black mayor and has appointed no Blacks or women as law director, safety director, chief of police, chief prosecutor of ems commissioner in a majority Black major metropolitan city.

Activists say the insensitivity of Jackson's all non Black law enforcement leadership team contributed to the fiasco around the murders including the release of Sowell from police custody on an attempted rape complaint in 2008 by Gladys Wade, who got away, so that he could then go allegedly murder the last six of the 11 Black women. Sowell is now charged with the alleged rape of Wade and awaits trial for June 6 on that, the Imperial Ave Murders, and other charges before Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Dick Ambrose.

According to Coleman, when she moved to dismiss the case before Comstock for a lack of jurisdiction because it belonged in the mayor's court, he stole her bond without a bond forfeiture hearing, issued a warrant and then falsified public records and lied to say she had an arraignment and a pretrial, and had made a plea. She said she was arrested last July with Jackson's help and hauled before Comstock and that he threatened her saying he objected to the activists wanting judges assigned at random because they should be handpicked at the Ohio Supreme Court level and elsewhere and that she could do nothing about it. He then withdrew and Brown illegally appointed Trimboli, who according to public records, began harassing Coleman immediately by trying to go to trial without jurisdiction, an arraignment, pleas in the case, or any discovery to assess any evidence by the prosecution.

Ohio Supreme Court records reveal that Trimboli has been assigned to almost 50 cases in the Berea Municipal Court since 2006 that Comstock has recused himself from for either bias or conflict , allowing the traveling impersonating judge to come to town from Toledo to misuse taxpayer monies and to routinely harass Black and other maliciously prosecuted people one by one. But when O'Connor became chief justice this year it stopped, in Berea.

A comprehensive investigation as to Trimboli's behavior on cases aside from Berea Municipal Court that Moyer and Brown assigned her to in their roles as former chief justices of the Ohio Supreme Court is underway Coleman said. 


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The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

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The only other "minorities" I have problems with here in town are folks like the mayors and councilpeople in charge of the Cleveland-area, who made it such a  shit hole. Whom among them am I supposed to celebrate in any way - NAME YOUR FAVORITE CLEVELAND LEADERS.

Who of any racial makeup has double posted here and is still allowed to post here?

We have had many people come here to cause me personal harm because I fight pollution here, and they are clearly working for industry to disrupt progress here - BIG SURPRISE - so I AM ALWAYS ON GUARD, and I follow up on all irregularities. As far as I'm concerned, there are lots of open files in Cleveland and on realNEO today. Perhaps the FBI will close a few more of them, and clean up the cities of Cuyahoga like they are trying to clean up the County. Then citizens would not have to do the job of government.

I'm looking for slip and fall folks walking around realNEO now trying to hurt others or get hurt and claim damages or discrimination of any type... if you are planning to trip yourself here and claim discrimination, the world is certainly watching.

Where I live, I am the minority, and I certainly know how it is to be discriminated against, and to be physically and emotionally harmed by that, so I do understand. Mayor Norton leads the "majority" where I live... God help us all.

In fact, my life is certainly most impacted by black leaders, not white, in Cleveland. I consider all our leadership sold-out and dangerous to society, white, black and YELLOW.

The proof is in the pollution, low birth weights, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer's, high lead poisoning, etc. HERE IN OUR HOMES... the toxicity our leaders allow to enter our bodies.


Our leaders get to take that proof of their failure to their graves and beyond.

I picture an eternity where all the lead poisoned children and adults in history who are dead now get to put the weight of their lead burdens upon the bodies of the leaders who harmed them with lead poisoning, and watch the spirit of those killers be crushed by their own evil forever.

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Thank you for the invitation

Thank you for the invitation - I support this rally and am glad you are exposing Cleveland Heights corruption and incompetency... their leaders get off smelling sweet because they are a rich community and have lots of money to spend on flowers - lots of big shots live there and obviously get their ways, and keep their people in power - but I smell shit there and always have.

My parents had to sue the city because city shittiness caused a car crash that almost killed them... the Cleveland Heights leaders took it to the State Supreme Court, wasting $100,000s in city money - lying maggots - but my family surfaced the truth, fought the bastards, and WON. I believe CH still has the same evil mayor and law director.

I had bad experiences with the School Board responsible for the lack of proper redevelopment of Coventry Elementary and the abandoned school behind Severance - a whole buch of shitheads in town got in on that action... and Cleveland Heights is still losing.

Shitty leaders there... they need to fire lots of people in their local government. Seems they need to fire some cops.

I can't be at the rally because that is when the White House EJ IWG Quarterly Conference Call is scheduled and I need to pay attention to that - I will run by if I can after it is done (we are down to one car so I can't guarantee anything).

I appreciate your activism in the community and I am glad to see Congresswoman Fudge showing her support for your efforts.

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