VISIONING ON: Celebrating the Champions of Sustainability - E4S

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 11/19/2004 - 23:01.

Ah Ha - a moment of revelation. Here, ah ha is easily realized appreciating how many incredible people there are in NEO working to make this a sustainable place - a community at least as good for the next generation as for today. I started to appreciate this ah ha at the recent Wind Power Conference, but the point was really driven home at the Entrepreneurs For Sustainability (E4S) "Celebrating the Champions" meeting, where scores of NEO's truly great "entrepreneurs" recognized eight of their leaders - individuals who take risks, follow their good hearts, and daily make NEO a better place for today and the future. How often do you experience such an ah ha moment? Join E4S or just attend their next monthly meeting and you shall.

The Great Lakes Brewery is the E4S meeting place because GLB is a sponsor of E4S and an area leader inspiring green development, including working with local entrepreneurs on initiatives that support their "Zero Waste" initiative - an important reason for people of NEO to support this great local institution - described in the "Environmental" section of their website:

We identified our raw materials and waste streams,
and are examining ways to reduce, reuse and recycle
throughout the life-cycle of our products. This
includes working with current suppliers to provide
more earth-friendly raw materials and products
as well as recycling our wastes into new products.

We have just begun our journey toward zero waste
and are partnering with many individuals and organizations
to discover new solutions. The process is challenging,
creative, enlightening and fun. Please share your
ideas with us and launch your own zero waste projects
- both at home and at work.

Our planet is depending on us.

E4S throws a great party at GLB - featuring sustainability development partners and sponsors and including everyone who cares to come into the family - lead by the energetic and much loved Holly Harlan, who was deservedly recognized at this year's E4S Champions reception as the ultimate champion. That was clearly an expression of unanimous support, as was shown for seven other champions recognized at this event, each of whom were nominated by members of the organization. Each champion deserves community support, as they have knowledge and services area residents and businesses need, and they've earned preferential vendor status - in many cases they are unique in their fields. Consider each champion and award category - WORK WITH THESE CHAMPIONS - for each of which we've included a page in this book, more fully acknowledged at the E4S website.