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« Thursday October 20, 2005 »
Start: 8:00 am

On 10.31.05 and 11.01.05, Rebecca Ryan will be back in Northeast Ohio to work with all of us transforming the region for the better - we'd like your help, on 10.18.05 and 10.20.05, to help plan this neovolution... the new twist about the center.

Whether we call this new twist a revolution, evolution, or turning our brains on, it will be very live, in person and in virtual space. We will work with Rebecca, Bridge Builders, 20/30,, Mark Chupp, of CSU and "Voices and Choices", and every social and change organization and individual that is interested to make certain young thinkers' thoughts are heard in the change dialogues now gaining volume and taking center stages around the region.

Start: 4:30 pm

Start: 6:00 pm

Come here the top two candidates share their views on a variety of neighborhood issues. Submit a question. Free and open to the public.

Start: 6:00 pm

Thursday, Oct 20, 2005, 7:00 pm FREE

Peter Salaff, Director, Chamber Music Program.