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« Thursday July 19, 2007 »
Start: 2:00 pm
End: 6:30 pm

The Dew Action Sports Tour

From Sandy Mitchell,
Your Guide to Cleveland, OH.
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Start: 5:00 pm
End: 11:00 pm

Introduction :  Ingenuity Fest 2007 :  A Sustainable Future


Here is a refined draft for the A Sustainable Future exhibit to be curated by yours truly at the Nance School of Business July 19-22 along with the other Technology hubs.  Sustainability will be the 'glue that binds' in many respects, the various other hubs encompassing the wide array of technologies - from Fuel Cells to Nanotechnology to advanced Bioscience. It is only fitting that Technology be given such prominence this year at the Festival of ART and TECHNOLOGY and the timing is perfect for this to be the true coming out party for an epic festival !