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The Dew Action Sports Tour

From Sandy Mitchell,
Your Guide to Cleveland, OH.
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The Dew Tour, now in its third season, is the most watched and attended action sports event in the world. The 2007 tour (sponsored by Mountain Dew), which features BMX, skateboarding, and freestyle motocross, will hit Cleveland from July 19 to 22, 2007 -- the second of five stops on the tour.

Sporting Events:
The four-day Dew Tour, held at Cleveland's Northcoast Harbor (behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), includes freestylemotocross, BMX (motocross on bikes), and skateboarding. The world's best in all of these sports compete for $3.5 million in prize money.

Other Activities:
Other activities at the Dew Tour include videogaming, skate interactive courses, a two-story 3200-square foot House of Dew with a DJ and a variety of other activities, an airbrush tattoo parlor, an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew, and a Friday night concert. One admission includes access to all sports and non-sporting events.

2007 Schedule:
The 2007 Dew Tour schedule includes:

Thursday, July 19, gates open at 2pm

  • Outdoor Festival - 2pm
  • FMX Prelims - 230pm to 5pm
  • BMX Vert Prelims - 3pm to 5pm
  • SKB Park Prelims - 4pm to 630pm
  • BMX Dirt Prelims - 7pm to 830pm
  • SKB Vert Prelims - 7pm to 930pm

Friday, July 20 - gates open at 3pm

  • Outdoor Festival - 3pm
  • SKB Park Practice - 4pm to 5pm
  • SKB Park Finals - 5pm to 630pm
  • BMX Dirt Practice - 630pm to 730pm
  • BMX Dirt Finals - 730pm to 9pm
  • Live Concert - 9pm to 11pm

Saturday, July 21 - gates open at 1pm

  • Outdoor Festival - 1pm
  • BMX Park Prelims - 1pm to 3pm
  • SKB Vert Practice - 1pm to 230pm
  • SKB Vert Finals - 230pm to 430pm
  • BMX Vert Practice - 7pm to 8pm
  • BMX Vert Finals - 8pm to 930pm

Sunday, July 22 - gates open at 1pm

  • Outdoor Festival - 1pm
  • BMX Park Practice - 1pm to 230pm
  • BMX Park Finals - 230pm to 4pm
  • FMX Practice - 4pm to 430pm
  • FMX Finals - 430pm to 630pm

Admission and Tickets:
A three-day pass to the Dew Tour is $35 with a free ticket to the qualifying events on Thursday included. Kids 12 and under are $5 and also get a free Thursday ticket. Premium "Action Zone" seating is available for Friday - Sunday, beginning at $100/day. Admission to the concert and the outdoor festival is included in all rates.

For more information and/or tickets, call 216 241-5555 or visit the Dew Tour Web site.

Parking is always kind of tricky at North Coast Harbor, but there are limited spaces in the E. 9th St. Pier lot (usual rate is $8) and ample parking at the nearby Great Lakes Science Center log (also $8) and across the shoreway in the Cleveland Municipal lot and the Williard Park Lot off of E 9th St. (rates vary by event).  (BETTER YET--TAKE RTA OR RIDE YOUR BIKE)

Contact Information:
Dew AST Tour
c/o Greater Cleveland Sports Commission
50 Public Square, Suite 950
Cleveland, OH 44113
216 621-0600

Dew AST Tour
1-800 DEW-TOUR

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More Action Sport INFO!

All Cleveland Public Library branch libraries will recieve AST Dew Tour 2007: POSTCARDS, POSTERS and STICKERS to promote the event.

 Summer Reading Club participants with 5 books read will be eligible to enter the drawing for the Thursday, July 19, 2007  AST Dew Tour CPL Day to win free admission to the event. 

Summer Reading Club participants with 10 books read will be entered in a drawing for a Mongoose BMX bike with 1 systemwide winner.

Cleveland Public Library's Summer Reading Club Theme is Rap, Rhythm, Read! Poetry in Motion!


Our kids are back from the Dew Tour this year and the tire and plywood ramps are set up behind the Brooklyn Centre Shopping plaza for more ACTION.  Ah, summer.....!

(We have several kids enrolled in the Bike Camp--two have graduated, so far!)