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« Saturday March 28, 2009 »
Start: 9:00 am
End: 9:00 pm



Don't give up, yet...A few more weeks, and Cleveland can celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and then we are home clear once the film festival starts!  The winter of 2008-09 is almost, almost, almost over...  

Find a sunny, south-facing wall and hold on.  We will all be okay!


Start: 9:30 am
End: 4:30 pm

Are you concerned that your children's health is affected by pollution?
Do you want some answers about your industrial neighbors?
Do you want to build your environmental campaign skills?

Start: 9:30 am
End: 4:00 pm

(Artwork by Amy Kreiger)

From my neighbor Maria--and where I plan to be on March 28th.

Start: 8:30 pm
End: 9:30 pm

Earth Hour