10,000 little ideas Feb. 5 - MY IDEA? NEW GOVERNMENT IN NEO

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Cleveland365.com (what persons/names/$ are behind this anyway?) is sponsoring what they call a 10,000 little ideas convo


Is this more Fund for Our Economic Future type meet up?   (FFEF was a multi-million $ diversionary waste and sucker punch/public “pounding the pillow” preventing NEO improvement IMHO.)


Sadly missing on the Cleveland365.com list of discussion topics is “INTELLIGENT, HONEST, OPEN GOVERNMENT FOR NEO”   because with out improvement in the governance arena here in NEO, we will continue to see economic deterioration and emigration.


We sorely need 10,000 MEGA improvements in governance – then maybe the other areas will make headway as well. 


Sammy's Metropolitan Ballroom
925 Euclid Avenue 21st Floor, Huntington Bank Build
Cleveland, OH
United States

I agree

When will the "powers" recognize that money is not the sole motivator?  What kind of life do you really want to live.

Rebecca Ryan addressed that well

What kind of life do they really want to live? They want to believe in Cleveland, but don't know the right ways to do so. Back in the day when I was trying to bring the local "networking" folks together around Drupal, and hosting the Excellence Roundtable, REALNEO arranged for GEN-X/Y Guru Rebecca Ryan to come to Cleveland for several days of really fascinating discussions on making NEO a next generation region, and the establishment network and GenX/Y folks all snubbed this....

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  My coworker just told me about this--really, I am too old for this.


I'm not too old for this and I enjoy a good brainstorming but only for good cause... and, I don't see a cause at all for this, and don't see a need to support anything about any of the sponsors, and I don't like anything about the concept, as described below.... perhaps I'll go to the Sherwin-Williams-sponsored breakout session and suggest they help eradicate lead poisoning! From the 10,000 micro-hype...

Every Success Story Begins with a Simple Idea…

Engage in a conversation over one complimentary cocktail and hors d's with twenty different NEO Industries (see sponsorship page)

Hear how your ideas have evolved into projects to make the future of Northeast Ohio a success since the last event in March 2007.

Please join us for an evening of networking, idea sharing and brainstorming. Attendees are encouraged to contribute ideas at each interactive breakout session.

Engage in a conversation over cocktails and hors d' oeuvres with twenty different NEO Industry’s (see sponsorship page)

Idea Sharing:
Listen to how 10,000 Little (micro) Ideas community leaders, Chris Ronayne and Jose Feliciano turned their Ideas into action

Listen to the “State of your 10,000 Little (micro) Ideas” and then stand side by side with leaders in our community creating a three-part strategic plan to keep moving the Idea Initiatives into Action.

THIS IS A PD / CLEVELAND.com request:
After the event, a summary of each Breakout Room's three-part strategy will be featured in The Plain Dealer and posted on Cleveland.com.

Featured Speakers:

Chris Ronayne, President of University Circle Inc.
Jose Feliciano, Baker & Hostetler, LLP


5:15pm – 6:30pm Open Networking Industry Tables
6:30pm – 6:45pm Speakers
6:45pm – 8:00pm Idea Sessions
8:00pm – Open Networking to Close of the Event

About 10,000 Little (micro) Ideas to Keep You Believing in Cleveland:

At the most recent event in March 2007, with more than 400 diverse emerging leaders in attendance, over a 1,000 ideas were generated in an effort to improve the future of the Region and those who call Cleveland home. Attendees had the opportunity to visit seven Idea breakout sessions which included: Lifestyle, Economic Growth, How to Master the Cleveland Market, Green, Nonprofit, Idea Incubator, and Sustainable Cleveland. Each room was sponsored by associated organizations that provided expertise and insight for the selected topics.


10,000 Little (micro) Ideas to Keep You Believing in Cleveland was started by a small group of Emerging Leaders with a vision to provide an outlet for residents to share and implement ideas to improve the Region.

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Bridge Building 24x365

Cleveland365 is the work of Terry Travis, who is a Cleveland Bridge Builder, funded by Civic Innovation Lab, accepted by the establishment as one of their "Professionals in the City"... more about Cleveland365 posted below, from them, at their website, and below that from the Civic Innovation Lab...

About Us

Cleveland365.com is a multi-media network connecting a progressive, forward-thinking community with news, events, unparalleled innovative technologies, community-based programming and more importantly resources. Cleveland365.com connecting our community 24 | 7 | 365 days a year.

Cleveland365.com speaks to a diverse professional audience, of emerging leaders (24 - 50) corporations and civic organizations as well. Communicating to this economically-viable market is the very "essential to the vitality of Northeast Ohio". The premier online resource for Northeast Ohio's community. Building upon its current subscriber base, Cleveland365.com will breath new life into the economic, business, social and cultural arteries of Northeast Ohio. Visitors to Cleveland365.com no longer have to search to meet their economic, business, social and cultural needs. Providing access to information in a current, conscious, confident, spirited and stylish way.

In addition to the website, Cleveland365.com will offer home-buying seminars, financial workshops and other ancillary empowerment workshops and initiatives in Northeast Ohio.

Prior to Cleveland365.com, the business, cultural, and social resource markets were disjointed. Resources were available to the consumer for any one of these market interests, but no single source provided the link to connect them all.

From CIL:

Cleveland365.com is a niche multi-media network for a progressive generation, committed to empowering Cleveland's minority community 24 | 7 | 365 days a year.

Cleveland365.com has been developed as a unique portal that targets not only the African-American and Latino communities, but corporations and civic organizations as well. In addition to its online presence, Cleveland365.com will offer business & technology workshops, home-buying seminars, professional/career development sessions and other ancillary empowerment workshops and initiatives in Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland365.com is unique in the fact that it is in a market of its own, targeting a growing untapped demographic, and by providing the capability to generate an extensive database of user information that will provide civic and business opportunities. The premier online resource for Northeast Ohio's urban community, Cleveland365.com will build upon its current subscriber list of 15,000 subscribers to breathe new life into the economic, business, social and cultural arteries of Northeast Ohio. 

Cleveland365.com will provide access in a current, conscious, confident, spirited and stylish way.

The mission of Cleveland365.com is to connect a progressive, forward-thinking urban community with unparalleled innovative technologies, community-based content and more importantly resources. Visitors to Cleveland365.com no longer have to search to meet their economic, business, social and cultural needs.

Check out stories in the press!

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  "are likely to choose a location before finding a job. They like downtown living, public transportation and plenty of entertainment options. They view diversity and tolerance as marks of sophistication."

I am going to criticize this generation, because they are one of the first to leave my neighborhood.  Rebecca Ryan may be an exception, but where is she now?  As soon as the baby pops out, they are gone.  There is no commitment to work and change something that is wrong.  There is a lot of blaming...pick up and leave.  I am dealing with this attitude with my coworkers.  Let someone else fix the problem.  Adios...

That said

I know two 20/30 bright, young professional staffers, who try every day to make a difference.  Johanna/Darren, please stay and make this community work.   You have already moved mountains :)

Norm--can you get UCI to see the commitment you have made to their service area??  You are not alone.  Does Chris Ronayne know about the Inner Circle?  Will he stop by on Tuesday?


Pipes, glue...??  Norm--I think you need to speak with the Beattie mentioned in this article.