Art Supply Sale -Studio Closing

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Pre-sale for artists, teachers, and hobbyists

Thursday, May 15 Noon to 7 p.m.

Friday, May 16  Noon to 7 p.m.

City Artists at Work Open Studios Weekend

Saturday, May 17 Noon to 6 p.m.

Sunday, May 18 Noon to 5 p.m.

Kathy Skerritt is closing her studio at 2445 Superior Avenue (corner of Superior and East 25th Street, across the intersection from the ArtCraft Building in the old red church) and is having a truly outrageous sale of art, equipment, supplies, and stuff collected from woods, fields, garbage, and friends that can be used in really interesting creative experiments. For earlybird visits prior to May 15 call the studio at 216-781-1833, email Kathy at kmskerritt [at] sbcglobal [dot] net" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:kmskerritt [at] sbcglobal [dot] net" rel="nofollow">kmskerritt [at] sbcglobal [dot] net, or via her website at

Add tax of 7-3/4% to artwork only.

  • Over 70 mixed media paintings by Skerritt at greatly reduced prices.
  • Over 40 prints on canvas, paper, and board and monoprints done in cooperation with Lev Moross, Master Printer, of Art Territory in Los Angeles for the 2004 Art Expo including limited editions, artist’s proofs, seconds and thirds. Severely reduced prices.
  • Wood shipping crates from $50 to $250 -- these crates cost from $150 to $800 new.
  • “Air Float” shipping boxes – heavy cardboard with foam liners
  • Many cardboard tubes of various sizes, sculpture stand, huge bags of packing foam and peanuts, whole box of cardboard canvas corners – all $5 or less.
  • Beautiful, custom three-panel room divider with 6 hand-embellished giclees by Kathy Skerritt, made in cooperation with Lev Moross, Master Printer, of Art Territory in Los Angeles for the 2004 Art Expo. Cost $7,500 for this prototype. Sale price is $2,500.
  • Many vases, containers! Bones! Assorted grasses! Twig wreaths! Peacock feathers!
  • 3 “A-Frame” two-sided sidewalk signs; heavy-duty; $50 each.
  • 2 custom ROUND abstract stained glass panels, with white oak frames in primary colors – cost $750 each; sale price $250 each.
  • Assorted curtains and curtain rods! Carpets, rugs, and pillows, including really nice rug with Miro design.
  • Rod iron candlesticks – floor and tabletop style.
  • Plants!
  • Really nice hanging slate waterfall with copper armature and stand. Rocks and brass frog included! $750 new; sale price $300.
  • Coffee table from about 1955. Coffee table from about 1962.
  • 50 boxes of “Condensation”! Yes, the 297 piece installation “Condensation” is being split up. Each box contains 6 of the 12x12 inch panels that made up the two-story installation for the 2006 June Art Review. Sale of record of $750 for a single canvas; Skerritt Sale price $100 per canvas!
  • African mud cloths! Really beautiful masks! 3 handcrafted Indonesian standing puppets!
  • Over 200 books at $ .25 to $2.00 each including nice selections of art and art therapy books, religion and philosophy. Over 40 CDs at $ 1.50 each. Many back issues of major art magazines in GOOD CONDITION:

    ART NEXUS    Retail $8 ea.  Skerritt Sale $3.50 ea.

    ART IN AMERICA   Retail $5 ea.  Skerritt Sale $2.00 ea.

    ART FORUM    Retail $8 ea.  Skerritt Sale $3.50 ea.

    FLASH ART    Retail $7 ea.  Skerritt Sale $3.00 ea.

    ART NEWS    Retail $6 ea.  Skerritt Sale $2.50 ea.

  • 15 work “horses” at $10 each.
  • CANVASES on stretchers! Utrecht Contemporary Series (except for 48x48):

    48 x 48 (Master’s Series)  Retail $109.99 ea.  Skerritt Sale $70 ea.

    36 x 36    Retail $55.99 ea.  Skerritt Sale $40 ea.

    30 x 30    Retail $42.99 ea.  Skerritt Sale $30 ea.

    24 x 24    Retail $32.99 ea.  Skerritt Sale $20 ea.

    16 x 16    Retail $20.49 ea.  Skerritt Sale $15 ea.

    12 x 12    Retail $16.49 ea.  Skerritt Sale $10 ea.

    2 inches x 2 inches   Retail $1.50 ea.  Skerritt Sale $ 1.00 ea.


Winsor Newton wood floor easels, listed on Utrecht website at $143.99 each; sale price $100 each (used for display only).

2 Dick Blick “Best Classic Santa Fe II” easels! Red oak, hand-oiled finish, ceramic tile tray (tiles removable for cleaning), two large, chrome brush and water containers in tray, double-masted, on lockable rollers,

H-frame, opens to 106” in height and can hold up to 200 lbs., used for display purposes only. Listed on Dick Blick website at $780; sale price $500 (used for display only).

    Winsor Newton tabletop easels, listed on Utrecht website at $35.99 each; sale price $25

    each (used for display only).

  • Drawing table for $45.
  • Kitchen-related items including glassware, and a full set of beautiful metallic gold on white dinnerware for a setting of 20 people: includes dinner plates, salad plates, cups and saucer/dessert plates. Dinnerware set for 20 sale priced at $150.
  • 7 portable drafting boards with metal clips built in: $5 each.
  • At least a dozen folding chairs with cushioned seats: $10 each.

    Blick Premium Tempera, gallon size listed on Blick website at $22.39 each; sale price $15 each

    30 white; 26 green; 45 red; 18 brown; 8 peach; 8 violet; 8 blue; 8 turquoise; 8 orange; 7 yellow; 5 black

  • Many drawings in different media, from $ .50 to $10.
  • Box full of colored tissue paper for collage work: $25 including really nice plastic, lidded storage container.
  • Very nice contemporary red couch w chrome feet: $1500

AND MORE! And Kids can shop and find items for literally nickels, dimes, and quarters!

Freight elevator available for moving large items. Studio is not handicapped accessible


Cleveland, OH
United States
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Recruiting artists

Where is Kathy Skerritt moving? I am here in beautiful Frostburg, MD, this morning for my mother's retirement.  These sleepy, mountain towns--Frostburg, Cumberland--are coming alive again with cyclists, train aficionados, hikers, families and the arts. 


Kudos to the Alleghany Arts Council and the Allegheny Trails Alliance for breathing life into the history and majesty of these mountains. 

Design Quarter Cumberland MD

Here are some photos of downtown Cumberland, MD.  Credit to Alleghany Arts Council.

 It's not an over analyzed, committee process--just restoration and renewal brought to you by real artists (not con artists and bullshit artists) allowed to do their thing--OH, and, by the way, saving some historic buildings.