CAPP: Child Accident Prevention Program: Bureau of Comm. Policing

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Michael J. Zone Rec. Center

6301 Lorain Avenue

Cleveland Ohio 44102

July 27-30


CAPP: Child Accident Prvention Program is a personal safety education course for children ages 4-7. Trained Cleveland Police Officers from the Division School Education Unit conduct the program.

CAPP's immediate goal is to help children become safer pedestrians, passengers, and eventually safer citizens. The children will learn how to recognize potential dangers and how to avoid them.

The program is taught in a classroom and practice sessions are conducted in a miniature simulated village.



Registration Should have the following info:

REC CENTER: Michael J. Zone

CHILD'S NAME: ____________________

PARENT'S NAME: ____________________

ADDRESS: __________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________

In case of an accident, injury, or illness, I authorize treatment for my child at an accredited medical facility. I further agree to allow my child to be photograph for use in the Bureau of Community Policing flyers and informational material.


Parent/Guardian Signature

Please detach and return to: 

The Recreation Center where your child will participate


Fax your registration to 216-623-5090.

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