Conference on Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Design for the Urban University

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What: As part of the Environmental Institute’s initiative on Green and Sustainable design, this conference is intended to bring some of the newest, most innovative, and exciting ideas on campus sustainability to Cleveland State University. The conference will focus on the particular challenges of:


  • Incorporating of ecosystem services, or the benefits derived from natural processes, into design within built environments, and;


  • Integrating landscape design into the education, research, and public outreach functions of a modern urban university.


The conference will feature presentations by researchers, professionals, and innovators of national prominence in the fields of sustainable landscape design, environmental planning, urban natural resource management, environmental justice, environmental education, and urban ecology. The CSU community will have the opportunity do interact directly with the presenters during an afternoon panel discussion. We hope that the conference will energize and perhaps expand upon on-going planning for environmentally sustainable development at CSU and throughout NE Ohio.


Who: Invited presenters and topic areas:

David Beech, EcoCity Cleveland - environmental sustainability in NE Ohio

Dr. Alex Felson, EDAW Inc., New York, NY – urban landscape design incorporating ecosystem services, research and education functions

Dr. Charles Nilon, University of Missouri-Columbia – urban ecology and environmental justice

Dr. John Peterson, Oberlin College – sustainability, education, and research on college campuses

Dr. Dan Petit, Chief of Natural Resources, Cleveland Metroparks – ecosystem services and urban resource management

Dr. Michael Walton, Cleveland State University –  linking ecosystem services, education, and research on an urban campus

Dr. Peter Whiting, Case Western Reserve University – water resources in urban environments


Additional Info: To RSVP and for more information, contact: Laura Miller, 216-687-5219, l [dot] j [dot] miller28 [at] csuohio [dot] edu


Support for this conference provided by a grant from the Gund Foundation


Mather Mansion, Cleveland State University
2605 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH
United States
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