George Foley plays piano at CPL

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Wow!  George Foley.  Blast from the past, when a young me would sip a glass of wine and pretend to be oh-so-bohemian listening to jazz at the Brandywine on Euclid Ave in the late eighties.  Sadly, no wine at the library, but I can still pretend to be cool.

Saturday, October 27th at 2:00 p.m. Fine Arts Department, 3rd Floor, Main Library Branch, Downtown.

Jeff Buster take note--Cleveland Public Library provides access to a database of sheet music
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Foley at B/E estate

It is interesting that you include a note to Jeff here in this post about George Foley's upcoming perfomance at CPL.

The evening Jeff posted about Dueling (Dualing) Pianos at his and Martha's home he posted a photo of one of the pianists, Greg Petusky (photographer for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, flimmaker and musician extraordinare). What he did not note was that the other half of that duo was George Foley.

Because Greg lived in my home for 7 years, he and George and our other mutual friend, actor Kirk Brown landed at my house that evening. Jeff and Martha had invited me to join them for the evening and called that evening to reiterate the invitation and added that my guests might be interested in the fact that they have two pianos.

When I told Greg and George that we were invited to a nearby friend's home with two pianos, they were ready to beam up instantly. We made the short trek, and music was played, the fire burned brightly and good conversation was quaffed along with copious amounts of alcohol. I'm not sure Jeff realized who he had in his living room. There were a couple of songs requested that George admitted he didn't know from memory. He said, "We can't know them all." With the databse at CPL, George could be there for years playing all that music.

The community here in NEO is sometimes more tightly knit than we realize.


Ask me, how did I know that?! ESP my friend, ESP :)