Grays Auctioneers - Spring Fine Arts, Antiques & Collectibles Auction.

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This auction features some real art treasures discovered in Cleveland area homes by auctioneer Deba Gray.

Lot 342. Arthur Grover Rider american, 1886-1975) Cracked Bottle, Oil on Canvas. Estimates $10,000-$15,000.

Lot 346. Orrin A. White (American, 1883-1969) Landscape, Oil on Canvas. Est. $3000-$5000. These two paintings, both by important early 20th century California painters are a real Antiques Roadshow style success story. The consignor thought they were nothing special, but maybe the original gilded fames were worth a few bucks. What a surprise to find that they are worth thousands! The painting by Rider is one of his largest and most complex works to come on the market in recent years. The results should be interesting.

Lot 313. Paul Veronese Ulen (American, 1894 -1976) Two Nudes, Graphite on Paper. Estimates $200-400.

Lot 319. An Intimate Collection of Paul and Jean Ulen, comprising of drawings, correspondence, letters and various ephemera. Paul and Jean Ulen were well known Cleveland artists and art teachers for decades. The Cleveland Artist's Foundation had an important show of their work a few years ago. Paul and Jean's studies at the Slade School in London when they were young newly-wed art students became the foundation of their career and the distinguishing element of their figurative works. Estimates $500-700.

Lot 321. Edward B. Noel (cleveland, 20th c.) County Fair, Chlorobromide photograph, signed lower right, exhibited in the 25th May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, 1943. Estimates $200-400.

Anyone see the short lived HBO series Carnivale a few years ago? Edward B. Noel's May Show entry from 1943 could have been the inspiration for the series. I love how Noel captures many aspects of this traveling carnival he seems to have encountered at a "county fair." The hawker's apron looks so dirty and empty. The "dancing girls" are far less glamous than in the painted ad they stand in front of. They look bored and tired of standing around in the littered grass. The composition crowds the figures close to the viewers space creating the claustrophobia one might experience in a tight space like a carnival tent.

These are some of my person favorites and fine arts highlights of the upcoming auction. Don't forget there is plenty of furniture, jewelry and more and don't settle for digital images, come in for preview 12 noon - 7 pm Wednesday - Friday February 27-29th, and doors open at 11 am March 1st, the day of the auction for a last minute preview. See the catalog online.


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