green :: a vegan and vegetarian potluck :: every sunday!

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green. :: a vegan and vegetarian potluck

concept :: to promote healthy and conscious 'meatless' eating (along with educate on living a 'green' lifestyle)...  to think about how we eat and what we eat and the effect it has on the planet.  if you eat meat we still want you to come!  try new things, meet new people and learn a little.  it is about health, support and the celebration of life!  no judgement here!  : )  i personally am a 'new vegetarian' and am still learning myself!  it is just amazing all the incredible foods that do not contain meat! 

details ::

lakewood park (under a beautiful tree or area near to the lake - look for a big flower)

rain plan:  in the pavilion near the playground

bring:  a vegan and/or vegetarian dish or just yourself.  you might want to bring a blanket or chair to sit on as well, we want to try and be close to the lake and seating is limited.  ** bring a copy of your recipe to share! be sure to include all ingred, as there will be some people attending that are on a very strict vegan diet as well**

also bring:  friends!  music!  an open mind! 

this week's presentation:  vegan baking techniques by kate

each week we will try and feature a guest speaker or presentation related to healthy eating (if you have ideas, please share).

hope to see you there!  let me know if you have any questions!


lakewood park
14532 Lake Road (at Belle)
Lakewood, OH
United States
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Very cool way to mix health and nature

I love this idea and plan to attend with Evelyn and Claes and am inviting some other friends. Sounds like a great reason to enjoy a beautiful park and great food with good-minded people. Thanks for sharing the invitation!

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Thanks for making NEO more Golden

Evelyn, AJ, Claes and I were tranfsormed by a great group of NEO's best that came together for a beautiful sunset vegi/vegan goodluck supper and friendship sharing at Lakewood Park this evening - thanks to The Redhead and friends for putting this together and transporting us all to another energy level that felt more like a Sunday afternoon in Golden Gate Park than I ever remember in NEO before. More to post on this new weekly Sunday tradition... be sure to join in the future!

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thanks! : )

i am SO glad you could make it.  what a wonderful evening!  can't wait til the next one!