Jump Start Application Deadline

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So you've determined that,
at least on paper, you're a potential match for JumpStart. Whether a client is
interested in JumpStart's Business Development services, its investment
capital, or both, JumpStart's process begins with an application.

Why Apply?

JumpStart's business is
geared entirely towards providing the resources and capital required by a
business or idea to take it to the next level. So, if a client is interested in
growing a business to be a $30-50 million dollar business within the next five
years and wants financial and intellectual partners in this journey, they
should apply for investment from JumpStart.

When To Apply

JumpStart conducts three
application cycles per year. The three annual deadlines are:
March 1
July 1
November 1

All applications received
after a deadline will be considered for the next deadline.

What To Include In Application

JumpStart asks that
entrepreneurs submit a 2-5 page executive summary of their business. The
submission should contain the information listed below. Clearly, some
applicants may not be able to include all of this information in an Executive
Summary. Note, however, that Executive Summaries that closely follow this
format are more likely to receive attention and receive investment than those
that do not follow this format. In no case should a full business plan be

  1. Business
    • Company's business description
      (short enough to fit on business card)
    • Market need driving the
    • Mission statement
  2. Products
    • Product description
    • Development schedule
    • Differentiation
    • Pricing
  3. Market
    • Trends and needs
    • Historic and projected sizes
      in dollars - can you project bottom up?
    • Market segmentation
  4. Sales & Marketing
    • Sales channels to get product
      to market
    • Partnerships
    • Customers
  5. Competition
    • Competitors
    • Competitive advantages
  6. Team
    • Background of management team
    • Board composition
  7. Financials
    • Historic and 5-year projected
      Income Statement (1st year by quarters)
    • Amount of funds sought
    • Use of proceeds

Companies whose Executive
Summaries stick closely to the above format are likely to fare better than
those that don't. Remember: do not submit
the entire 30+ page plan for your business

When you've gathered this
information, submit your application. Confused about any of

JumpStart's Confidentiality Policy

JumpStart relies critically
on its reputation, which is based in turn on JumpStart's ability to operate
with integrity. This includes maintaining appropriate confidentiality in
regards to investment opportunities. However, as is the case with most venture
capital firms, JumpStart does not sign confidentiality agreements. These
agreements often preclude such basic things as JumpStart conducting due
diligence, funding other organizations that might do something similar, and
introducing two entrepreneurs in the same field. As a client can understand,
these are unreasonable constraints.


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