OPENING DAY-Sports Research Center--Hosting Special 'Pride & Passion' Exhibit

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Some highlights of the Center’s research materials include:

  • Jackie Robinson: correspondence, programs, and funeral materials from Martin Stone's Jackie Robinson files. Stone served as his attorney after Robinson retired from baseball;
  • The Plain Dealer Historical Archive: an online database providing access to every page of the newspaper from 1845-1991 and allowing sports fans to search for articles on their favorite players and games;
  • Charles W. Mears scrapbook collection: box scores from one of baseball’s first statisticians for games from 1853 to 1941, consisting of 40 scrapbooks, plus books, serials, annuals, and early league constitutions;
  • Eugene C. Murdock clipping collection: 50 scrapbooks for the period 1910-1976 and fiction, photographs, and around 100 oral history interviews with players from the first half of the twentieth century;
  • Baseball Fiction: a larger collection of fiction ranging from “dime” novels from 1860-1910, the first American novel describing a baseball game, the first American novel using the word "baseball," the first American novel focused on baseball activities, and the first Canadian novel containing baseball activity;
  • How-To-Play Baseball Manuals: flip-picture manuals and famous name guides from 1910-1960;
  • Black Baseball History: photographs of players from 1960-present;
  • Boxing History: Cleveland Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament scrapbooks that covers the period from 1929-1961.

CPL is sponsoring free programs for the public in connection with the Pride and Passion exhibition.

Contact the Sports Research Center at 216.623.2860 for more information.


Cleveland Public Library
325 Superior Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114
United States
Phone: 216.623.2860
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Capitalizing on Cleveland Memory

Cleveland Public Library is one of many institutions in NEO that gets IT.  People want to remember--so get out and enjoy the Sports Center. 

It highlights our ups and downs and reminds us that we can be a better community as a team.  Sports teaches us how to play together so we can grow up strong together.

I love this photo--see the kids?...being kids? :)

Teach RESPECT for our past and the greatness that we have been able to achieve and help us understand our failures, too.  The Jackie Robinson story should inspire everyone.  Be able to define COURAGE for your kids.

Make a day of it with your sons and daughters.  Go to a game--visit the library, visit the Colonial Arcade and get your hair cut by a real barber

Funny story the man in red tried to pay with foreign currency--no credit cards here.

The Baseball Heritage Museum, located in the Colonial Arcade, has graciously loaned material to the opening of the Cleveland Sports Center. 

A fulfilling childhood consisted of much more than my parents...

Memorable adults throughout childhood help build up the Children in a community...

I can remember serving coffee to a Plain Dealer reporter all day one weekend in childhood. He was inspiring.... I remember meeting with him after I had completed training and realizing that he was one of the top ranking NCO's in our command...For a brief moment, I recall shaking in fear of that rank until he reminded me that he's known me my entire life. It was a moment to cherish. SGM Jim Parker was a good friend of our family. Years later, I had the blessing of attending his retirement party. I know he's an Angel watching over us all now...

I can remember the next door lady near one of our homes, I called her "GRANDMA ROSE" after my grandma died. She was so wonderful and she refused to give up that "BROWNIE" recipe that we all delighted in enjoying a couple times a year when she shared. We spent countless hours having wonderful conversations about life and family. She taught me all kinds of stuff with love and consideration for the ever changing world I was growing up in. She's yet another Angel I hold dear in my world...even named my daughter's middle name after her.

I could illuminate neighbors, friends, family and strangers who all played a part in a childhood that had lots of bumps along the way. Yet, the glimmer of hope that they provided along that dark road was more than enough to sow seeds of love, inspiration, and much more. I am forever grateful for the adults who "MADE TIME" to give advice, to take me "ICE SKATING" and to share in my childhood.

When I graduated high school I recall over 10 people showing up to share in that accomplishment...I had an entire cheering squad... I was blessed beyond words then and remain blessed evermore now! Without all those endearing people in my world who cared enough to intercept lots of situations; God only knows which direction life may have went. It's like the kids who were drug addicts but wouldn't dare allow anyone to try and give me drugs and get me involved in bad stuff.

"ANGELS" make a difference in our world... Prayerfully more adults will take that little five minutes of their life to inspire a youth around them this year... You cannot imagine how much faith, hope, and divine intervention those "ANGELS" offer to kids.... I am grateful and I don't forget their roles in my world! God Bless all the "ANGELS" of our lives!


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"