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Ed Hauser's sure to be there, but you should be too if you care about the waterfront.  The scary sentence in the PD notice observes that the Port's "move would free port docks at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River for commercial and residential development".  Depending on what these latter developments turn out to be, we, the public, are likely to be no nearer Lake Erie than we are now with the Port taking up prime space.


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Why move?

Why the hell does the port need to move? Is there some law that states that all productive property must be placed out of the view of all others? Here in Phoenix a subdivision went up next to a dairy farm that had been in business for 70+ years and as soon as the new neighbors moved in they complained about the smell coming from the farm! They were the newcomers and yet they complained about the dairy farm as if it had just popped out of nowhere.

If the port closes then where will ships unload when they come out the Cuyahoga river? Where will the people work?

If the Port Authority does choose to close its current location then it should go out of business, instead of condemning other people's land to build a new,  worthless port.