Power Breakfast Panel - “Finding, Keeping and Motivating Talented People�

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Power Breakfast Panel - “Finding, Keeping
and Motivating Talented People�

Wednesday, March 16, 2005, 7:45am to 9:30am
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Finding Keeping and Motivating Talented People

Every serious business owner recognizes that the key to success is having
the right people on your team. Indeed many businesses head into dangerous
territory because of poor hires. But once you've got the right team, how can
you keep them... inspired, focused, and at peak performance, so that they
continue to add value to your business?

Charles Lee, President, CML Consulting
Louie Myrick, Managing Partner, Managing Partner, ATALX
John D. Pumper, Co-Owner & CFO, DAS Construction Co.

Leslie Yerkes, Chief Sherpa, Catalyst Consulting Group

About our panelists & moderator:

Louie Myrick, who has owned a company appearing on the Weatherhead
100 Award, works with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-managed growth
companies to help align company vision and employees. With specific insight
into the entrepreneurial personality, she talks about the common mistakes that
entrepreneurs make in hiring, and how to correct them.

Charles Lee is president of CML associates LLC, and he consults with
many domestic and international companies in a variety of Human Resources
areas. His diversity and team building consulting practice incorporates his
extensive experiences in compensation planning and administration, recruitment,
career planning, management succession as well as all matters related to equal
employment opportunity. He has authored or co-authored articles on performance
management, recruitment and diversity and is a frequent speaker on these

John Pumper and DAS Construction is in the spotlight for the House of
Blues project in downtown Cleveland. From the perspective of a business owner
who started off "as just a couple of brothers," John talks about how
he continuously refines and grows his talent pool.

Leslie Yerkes, has written several books on creating a work
environment that employees love.


8:00 a.m. Registration, breakfast and networking
8:30 a.m. Panelist-led discussion
9:30 a.m. Announcements and Adjourn

Who should attend: Anyone
looking to make new business contacts!

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