RTA Ridership Concerns - how does NEO stop further societal deterioration ??

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 Wow, just how dangerous am I?  PD-NEOMG even deletes my comments about this upcoming meeting to address RTA ridership concerns:

Hello and Happy New Year Laura!
It's time to gear up for 2016! Last year, we started to build a great foundation for our campaign to improve public transportation in Cuyahoga County. We talked about all sorts of issues folks face when riding the bus or the rapid - from police profiling to long commute times to fare increases and route cuts. 
It is clear that public transportation is an important issue in Cleveland. We know jobs are moving further out of the city and folks who don't have cars struggle to get to work. We know that we could significantly reduce air pollution if fewer people drove cars and more folks rode public transportation. We also know that our public transportation system is severely underfunded and is not serving people adequately. And in 2016, we're facing a potential fare hike and further route cuts. 
Transit is necessary for an economically and environmentally stable community. That is why we are inviting you to a meeting to develop a campaign strategy to improve public transportation in Cleveland. 
This is a rider only meeting. No public officials or media are invited. This is our time to speak freely as a group and discuss strategy. But please feel free to bring a friend. Sign up here so we know how much food to order! And please email me if you have any dietary restrictions. 
Looking forward to reconnecting in the New Year! 2016 is going to be a transformative year for public transportation in Cleveland. 
In solidarity, 
Caitlin Johnson
Lead Organizing, Communities United for Responsible Energy/Ohio Organizing Collaborative
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CLE Transit Riders will post on line petition

For now - we can collect signatures using the text attached and plain lined paper - or make you own.  More to come.

Several individuals and groups are spearheading this effort -   Caitlin Johnson and Byron Solomon were main organizers of today's meeting.
Byron Solomon  Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality (NOBLE)
bsolomon [at] organizeohio [dot] org  caitlin [at] ohorganizing [dot] org